PokerTracker 4 Beta Out Soon

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poker tracker 4 release datePokerTracker 4 will make its official debut in the fourth quarter of this year, it was announced by the group’s operational team this week.  But the PokerTracker 4 BETA will be released late 3rd Quarter!  PokerTracker, which has come to be known as the industry’s most advanced hand analysis and statistical tool, is used by online poker players at multiple levels, despite major criticism leveled against this tool for giving its users an unfair advantage over those who use pure skill in their poker sessions.

The new PT4 boasts lots of improvements over the previous three versions, but the one that the team seems to be glowing about most is the revamped Heads Up Display. This will not only make the table overlays look better, but they will also be easier to read.

“PokerTracker 4 is the result of collaboration between its developers and the online poker player community that has given constant feedback throughout its ten-year history,” noted the executive of PokerTracker, Steven McLoughlin.

“Without the support of its loyal users, PokerTracker would not be where it is today,” he added.  “PokerTracker has listened to and considered each user’s request and has implemented nearly every reasonable design suggestion that positively affects the greatest portion of its user base.”

McLoughlin said that his development team believes that tracking software should augment the user’s playing experience, but it should never interfere with it.

“The interface and HUD are crisp, clean and without clutter while maintaining a vast amount of data available at the touch of the player’s fingertips,” he said.

Players will be able to test drive the new PT4 later in the third quarter of this year as it goes live for public beta testing.  Those who buy PT3 now can receive free upgrade to PT4 when it comes out commercially.

Other new features to look forward to include a LeakTracker that will examine the players’ play statistics and see where they can improve their strategies.  The Money Flow Chart will show players how much money passes from one player to another through a visual display.  Also, the Global Player Scatter Graph will pick out superusers and help prevent potential scams and frauds at online poker sites.

Check the PokerTracker 4 Preview for more info.

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