WSOP Notebook: Live reporting on blast and more

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After three weeks of the World Series of Poker the tournament series has started to settle in. The early controversies about declaring your actions at final tables, rescheduling a final day, and even questionable retweets on Twitter seem to have fallen by the wayside, and the tournaments and the players have turned into the big story.

Of course there is still plenty of gossip at the WSOP, including a dustup between a former WSOP Main Event winner and a PokerNews tournament reporter. Another interesting Twitter tidbit that has come about has to do with the recent events that led to Sam Trickett tweeting that a well-known pro had stolen from him.

Sam Trickett and Andrew Feldman have a little fun with Twitter rumors

A while back Sam Trickett tweeted that a well-known poker pro had stolen money from him, and the rumor on the forums was that it was Andrew Feldman. Well it appears the “Feldman Stole” rumors are false as the two UK poker pros jokingly tweeted to each other about it:

Here are the Tweets from Feldman and the response from Trickett:

‘So im hearing from many people that I have stole over £250,000 from @samtrickett1 n gone broke in Macau. Can any1 confirm if that is true ??’

‘For those who don’t know when I was just 18 I was scammed of around £500,000 from my closest ‘friend’ who is in the same communities as me..’

‘For the past 6 years he’s managed to get away with it, left the UK and living the highlife. Now it’s my time to put the record straight…’

Samtrickett1 Sam Trickett ‘@Andrewfeldman1 who u hear that from? Ill check my bank 1st and see if I’m short….’

Huck Seed goes off on PokerNews for faulty chip-counts

Anyone who follows the poker world very closely knows not to put too much stock on the chip count s at live tournaments (a painstakingly hard and thankless job) but it appears that Huck Seed took extreme exception to the faulty chip-counts at PokerNews, calling out one of their tournament reporters. You can read what happened here.

Brad Booth cashes

We recently learned that Brad Booth had stolen some $28,000 from online poker pro Doug Polk, and after creating an apology video where he promised to make things right (using his WSOP backing to try to pay-off the debts he has accrued) Booth made his first 2012 WSOP cash, a small amount, but hopefully the 25% Booth guaranteed in his video is making its way to his creditors.

Booth finished 73rd in Event #23, a $3,000 6-Max No Limit Holdem Event. The cash was for just over $5,000. Hopefully for Douglas Polk and Booth’s other creditors he has a fantastic WSOP.

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