WSOP Notebook: #RealIveyTweets, Kobe beef and more

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We’ve had a little break in the action from the Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth show the past few days, and while most of the attention at the WSOP is still concentrated on the winners and final tables, there is some OneDrop news to report, as well as a new Twitter trend, and a conversation between a Vegan and a carnivore regarding everything from glued together Roast Beef to Kobe Beef.

#RealIveyTweets lets poker players test out their comedic talents

One of the funnier things to come out of the 2012 WSOP has been the Twitter hashtag #RealIveyTweets, where poker pros Tweet what they think Phil Ivey would say in certain situations. If you want a quick laugh you can do a search for #RealIveyTweets on Twitter, and here are a couple of my favorites:

Bryan Micon?@BryanMicon “Oh that’s cute, you use ranges. I just know what you have.”

James Guill?@compncards “The waitress just gave me back some $1 bills. They still print these? #RealIveyTweets”

Christian Harder?@realcharder30 “@Bond_18 @Doc_Sands at another final table with 8 dudes I have never seen before #realiveytweets”

David Einhorn declares for One Drop Tournament

Yet another entrant in the Big One for One Drop, $1,000,000 buy-in tournament has been announced, and even though it’s not a professional poker player the name came as no surprise, David Einhorn. Einhorn has apparently been registered for quite some time, but only now confirmed that he is one of the men listed as “Anonymous US Hedge Fund Manager.

Since the first list was revealed (with these Anonymous titles) Einhorn was considered a very likely candidate for one of these slots. Einhorn is best known in the poker world for his incredibly deep un in the 2006 WSOP, but the Greenlight Capital co-founder is better known for running one of the most successful Hedge Funds as well as trying to buy the New York Mets last year.

Through a spokesman Einhorn told that he will donate any money from the tournament to City Year, a Boston based charity that works with “public schools to build more engaging and supportive environments so as to reduce student dropout rates.”

Negreanu can’t stop meat consumption at the WSOP but finds an ally against Annie Duke

WSOP bracelet winner Todd Witteles (better known as DanDruff) hasn’t been having much luck at the 2012 WSOP, but he did have an interesting conservation with one Daniel Negreanu, which Witteles relayed via the forums at his website.

Daniel Negreanu seemed particularly interested in talking to me today, for some reason. Right before the event, I was sitting by myself at the table (I was the first one there), eating a roast beef sandwich. Negreanu approached me and the conversation went like this:

Negreanu: You know what that’s made of, right?

Me: I wish you didn’t ask me that until after I was done eating it.

Negreanu: It’s like various ground up parts, probably some glue… just a lot of stuff they don’t tell you.

Me: Is this your plan to put me on tilt right before the event starts?

Negreanu: You got it, that’s my master plan…. (he walks off to his table)

Then, moments later, he comes back and asks, “Have you eaten Kobe beef before?” When I said yes, he responded, “No, you haven’t. Almost nobody in the U.S. has.” Then I told him that I knew what he was talking about, and that most “Kobe beef” in the US isn’t actually Kobe beef, but is beef raised in the style of Kobe beef. He seemed disappointed that he wasn’t shocking me with this news, and again walked away.

Then, much later in the day, he came up and kept referring to “that voice” which was really annoying him. I had no clue what he was talking about, and thought maybe he was talking about one of the loud, obnoxious people in the audience of the nearby final table. I asked what he meant, and he still wasn’t clear about it. Finally, he told someone else that he was talking about Annie Duke, who was two tables over from mine. He then said to me, “I told you because I knew you’d best understand why it’s so annoying.”

He didn’t attempt to create any direct confrontations with Annie, though. I think he just couldn’t stand hearing her, and had to vent to someone who he knew would be sympathetic.

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