Annette Obrestad

Annette Obrestad is one of the most famous female poker players on the planet. This is largely due to her unbelievable talent she has for Poker, and not her extremely good looks or great breast that other female poker players gain recognition for. Obrestad, who was born in 1988 in Norway, actually started playing poker before she legally could, at the age of 15, and gain notoriety for her unbelievable aggressiveness at the online poker tables for a female, never mind a 15 year old female.

In 2007, Obrestad become the youngest WSOPE winner when she won the event in London and picked up a monster pay day of $2 million. Since then her fame has grown and she has became one of the most feared female poker players, live and online.

However it was back in 2003 to 2006 when she started making a name for herself. At only 15 her username “Annette_15” became notorious as one of the great online poker players. Starting as her username suggest, Annette started playing online poker at 15. She started by playing freerolls and to this day has never deposited on a online poker site with money that she hasn’t won from online poker. From winning freerolls she managed to build a monster bankroll with estimated winnings of $500k on PokerStars, $200k on UB and $136k on Full Tilt Poker. She has always been one of the top ranking players on the prestigious pocket5s rankings.

Today Annette Obrestad has gathered a total winnings way over $1 million on Online Poker winnings, and a massive $3 million in live tournament winnings. This is another example of a young successful online poker player transferring to the live tournament scene successfully.

Then on May 1st,2010, Annette got the sponsorship that every poker player wants, Full Tilt. She is now one of the Full Tilt pro’s which came as no big surprise.

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