Jason Senti

Jason Senti was born in Grand Forks , ND. Jason managed to cash one event in the World Series Of Poker in 2009. Jason is a full time professional poker player but use to be a software engineer before that. After finding that playing poker was far more profitable than his 9 to 5 job he elected to turn full time professional. In his spare time he is in a rock band which is named Suburban Hero and is happily married.

Though Jason has not had much media coverage offline he is actually quite a well known online poker. Jason or PBJaxx is an online poker coach for the poker training site “bluefirepoker.com”. He has only been a professional player for just 2 years but is a fast learner and a well respected poker coach.

Senti is a self proclaimed cash game expert. He has been seen playing online in stakes anywhere from $5/$10 to $50/$100. He has cashed a World Series Of Poker event in 2009 taking home around $18k. That is the only recorded live tournament cash that Senti has. Senti is use to losing and winning thousands of dollars online.

As Senti is a cash game expert and going in to the WSOP Main Event November Nine quite short stacked no one is really expecting him to bring home the bacon. With that being said is Senti does manage to chip up enough he will be a force to be reckoned with and he is definitely not new to gambling large sums of money in poker like some of the other players at the tables. We can expect to see Senti mix up his play quite a lot if he manages to get a decent chip count at the final table as he has divulged his normal game on bluefirepoker.com which is opponents are sure to watch.

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