Rush Poker Tips

Rush Poker Strategy and Tips

Steal Often
The most-taught strategy for Rush Poker players is fold fold fold fold. Strategists all over the Internet suggest playing nothing less than pocket queens. What that says to us is … steal steal steal steal.

Play Lightly
Whether you’re stealing blinds with the good ole 7-deuy or you’re playing aces, play with a loose grip on your cards. Be ready to throw those suckers straight into the muck as soon as someone seems to interested.

Bet Big with them Nuts
If you make a hand, bet it. If you’re getting calls, over bet it. Rush poker is an adrenaline game, bet your nuts to get paid.

Keep it simple stupid, make it plain. That’s what KISS-MIP means, and that’s what Rush Poker is all about. Nothing to fancy, just straight up poker. People at Rush poker tables are playing speedy poker, and most of them, are ready to move on.

Use Your Player Reading Skills
Time and time again I read that you can’t read players in Rush Poker. I’m here to tell you that is simply not true. It’s true that the Rush poker world is spinning around and around at alarming rates, things are moving, cards are flying, buddy it’s intense.

Get over it and pay attention. Every hand take a quick glance at the other players names, just glance, then check out your cards, fold if you’re folding. If you’re not folding, while you wait for your turn, look back around the table, read the names out loud again, and glance at avatars.

Every time you fold because someone raised, say their player name. Every time you raise and someone folds, say their name. Every time anyone does anything, say their name.

If you catch someone doing something notable, make a note.

You’ll find you start recognizing more and more people game after game.

Play Chipped Up
There are a few other players using the steal steal steal steal strategy mentioned above, those players tend to think twice before attacking full stacks. Play with a max buy-in and protect your stack. Furthermore, when you do run into the nutter-butters, you’re chipped up, and taken all your opponent has to offer.

Get Out!
Set a goal before you get in, when you get there, get out. If you feel yourself getting angry at the all to often bad beats in Rush Poker, get out. It’s not personal, you’re seeing hands at a much faster rate than before, take a walk, calm down, come back, take stacks.

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For now Rush Poker is only available at Full Tilt Poker and they have a patent pending.  Since it is so successful,  we would not be surprised if other big poker rooms like PokerStars come out with a similar variation to play poker faster.

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