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It’s no secret that I feel the poker food chain has grown unbalanced in recent years (Evidence 1 and Evidence 2), and it’s safe to say that the online poker world is finally catching on to this problem and making the necessary changes. The latest poker site thatRead Full Article

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Last year I penned a column titled “The Death of the Six-Figure Buy-In Tournament”, declaring the super-high-roller events that have procreated across the poker world over the past three or four years as being unsustainable given the current poker economy. Well, it appears my post-mortem dissection of theRead Full Article

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The highest levels of poker online and live are known as the high stakes poker games. In the high stakes poker games hundreds of thousands of dollars are won and lost in a matter of seconds. If you are looking to play in one of these games youRead Full Article

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Let me start this article with the admission that I’m a fan of the Epic Poker League. I like the idea of rewarding the best players, and I absolutely love anything “new” that comes along in the stale world of poker. Despite my hopes that the Epic PokerRead Full Article

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Poker fans are rightly outraged with the recent news that the upcoming Aldernay Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) hearing regarding Full Tilt Poker will be held in private. Even the Executive Director of the AGCC had harsh words for the decision, which he expressed in a recent statement issuedRead Full Article