High Stakes Poker Games Still In Demand

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The highest levels of poker online and live are known as the high stakes poker games. In the high stakes poker games hundreds of thousands of dollars are won and lost in a matter of seconds. If you are looking to play in one of these games you first need an ample bankroll, and second you need to have a great poker mind. Some of the best poker minds in the world will still go broke in these games because they do not have the bankroll for the games. You need to have both in order to survive. If you just have a bankroll you could be a losing player for years and not notice it so much because you have money coming in from other sources of income. If you have an amazing poker mind and no bankroll, you could lose one or two big pots and not be able to continue further.

When playing a high stakes poker game, most would consider a high stakes game to be $10,000 or more as a buy-in, you should look to find bad players. The first thing you want to do is identify the bad players at the table. If you can identify three or four bad players, you are putting your mindset in the position that you are the better player. If you have a positive mindset you can build from that in a hurry in high stakes poker games. If you first sit down at a table and cannot identify who the bad players in the first ten or fifteen minutes then the chances are that you are the bad player in that particular game. If you find yourself in this situation you should leave as soon as possible. There is no reason to sit at a table with superior players, you will lose in the long run and you will have much tougher decisions.

To have some success at the high stakes poker level is for most a lifetime accomplishment. Not too many players are able to build up a big enough bankroll where they are able to sit in the highest stakes games around. If you are a regular player in the highest stakes games around you should be commended for it because not too many players reach that level in a poker career. A number of players will take shots in games that high and it will not pan out for them. If you can sustain a high stakes poker career you will soon become a legend or very well known player.

Most of the live high stakes poker games around the world occur in Las Vegas, Nevada. There have been numerous games with millions of dollars sitting on the table at one time. These games will attract high stakes poker players and also wealthy business men. The wealthy business men are more times than not the big losers in these games. Most will look to play just so that they can say they played poker with a legend. The high stakes players feast on the wealthy business men and have done so for years. In Las Vegas anything can happen and you will certainly find the highest poker games in the world.

There is still an online frenzy of high stakes poker action. In the past few years there have been a handful of up and coming young poker players who are now the top high stakes players in the world. Online poker is a great training tool for most young players. You can change the way you play and get a lot of practice when playing on the internet. The young successful high stakes poker players such as “Tom Dwan” are now the Las Vegas icons. Everyone knows who they are now. Guys like “Tom Dwan” have revolutionized the poker world for online players and live poker players. He is someone who moved his way up from low stakes cash games to high stakes cash games in a matter of a year or two. This progress shows the possibilities of a game like poker. If you are a great player and demonstrate bankroll management you will be there at the end of the day. Tom Dwan is the poster child for online poker players these days and will be for years to come until another young gun of poker comes out of nowhere and lands them on the top of the poker world.

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