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We recently sat down with author and poker player Zachary Elwood to discuss his recently released book, Reading Poker Tells. Elwood is the owner of the website, a comprehensive website focusing on Elwood’s passion for the behavioral side of poker. You can read our review of Elwood’s bookRead Full Article

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On Thursday myself and hundreds of thousands of US poker players with Full Tilt Poker accounts found out that we would soon be able to access our Full Tilt accounts. Unfortunately this access only gives us the chance to view our accounts (which will let players see andRead Full Article

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There was an interesting article in Cardplayer Magazine where high-stakes Limit Holdem pro “Kagome Kagome” said more than his money that has been locked-up on Full Tilt Poker since late June of 2011, “he really wanted the high-stakes action back”. While exploring the degeneracy of this statement, andRead Full Article

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The highest levels of poker online and live are known as the high stakes poker games. In the high stakes poker games hundreds of thousands of dollars are won and lost in a matter of seconds. If you are looking to play in one of these games youRead Full Article

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As I sit down to write this article it’s now over four months since Black Friday first ripped away my ability to play online poker, and in all honesty, except for a few thousand serious online poker players nothing has really changed for the 99.99% of the USRead Full Article

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In a series of statements early Wednesday morning the Aldernay Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) announced that it would be suspending Full Tilt Poker’s license and ordered the site to suspend all activity. According to players from all over the globe, games at Full Tilt Poker came to aRead Full Article

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full tilt draw poker

There was a major software update on Full Tilt Poker today, and after installing the latest update players were greeted with a surprising addition to the Full Tilt Poker lobby, a Draw Poker tab as well as the addition of a new 10-Game Mix! The Draw Poker gamesRead Full Article

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the sands casino

How much revenue are casinos making from their poker tables? Well here is one instance where poker seems to be a bigger money maker for a casino than Slot Machines! The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board recently granted the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania permission to add 11 tableRead Full Article