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The largest online poker site in the world has never been one to rest on their previous achievements, or be content with the status quo, and as 2013 approaches PokerStars has announced a couple of new changes to the site that should make players from micro-stakes-grinders, to tournamentRead Full Article

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The latest addition to the poker library of D&B Poker is Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold’ Em Volume 1: Optimal and Exploitative Strategies, by Will Tipton. Tipton is a relative newcomer on the poker scene, picking-up the game in 2007 while in college and turning the occasionalRead Full Article

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Every so often (sometimes more often like this week) there are stories in the poker world that are a little bit on the bizarre or unimportant side that are just so good they need to be reported. So here is another look at some of the off-the-beaten-path pokerRead Full Article

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Phil Hellmuth is fond of saying that when the US government legalizes online poker there will be a second, even larger, poker boom. In Hellmuth’s version of reality, the WSOP will see the Main Event attendance balloon to unprecedented levels as new players pour into the poker economy.Read Full Article

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The title of the article basically says it all, so here are my choices for the 15 craziest, zaniest, mind-boggling stories from the world of poker over the past year. So in no particular order here are #’s 6-10: The Hollywood Home Game debacle Earlier this year theRead Full Article