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Every so often (sometimes more often like this week) there are stories in the poker world that are a little bit on the bizarre or unimportant side that are just so good they need to be reported. So here is another look at some of the off-the-beaten-path poker headlines and stories you may have missed.

Nolan Dalla’s Reservoir Dogs tribute

I had a hard time determining if Nolan Dalla was being serious when he wrote his recent rant on tipping (in the end I think his rant is a cross between real frustration and satire) but boy oh boy what a rant it was!

Read the rant here

Using Dalla’s tipping calculations would cause you to never enjoy a meal (and probably require the use of an old-school accounting calculator on the table), and let’s just say that it’s a safe bet that when Mr. Dalla enters his local restaurants the servers are hoping he gets seated in someone else’s section!

Sam Trickett’s 144 plaques

For US poker players the site of Plaques on a poker table may seem a little bizarre, but over in Macau Plaques represent high-denomination chips, and UK Poker Pro Sam Trickett has accumulated a lot of them judging by his recent Twit Pic.

A quick count of the $100,000 HKD (roughly £8,000 or $13,000 USD) plaques in front of Sam shows 144 plaques, which equates to just over $1.85 million USD! And of course the picture shows some chips in front, so who knows how much Sam really has on the table at the moment.

You can see the picture of the mountain of plaques here: http://t.co/Z2Eba3AP or in the picture accompanying the article

Hollywood Home Game fiasco isn’t over yet

One of the juicier poker stories in recent memory was the high-stakes Hollywood poker games that came to light after Ponzi scheme Hedge Fund Manager Bradley Ruderman’s victims filed civil lawsuits against Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio and other celebs to try to recoup some of the losses Ruderman had in these games – all parties settled out of court.

Well the game is back in the headlines after an article on Vulture.com (seems reputable eh???) summed up the 206 page deposition by Ruderman himself where more names came to light. Among some of the revelations Ruderman passed on were a $950,000 pot and the involvement of DreamWorks CEO and former Walt Disney chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg, pro poker player Kenny Tran and Yankee Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has adamantly denied being a part of the games, and has already been disciplined by MLB in the past for playing in underground New York City card clubs –it will be interesting if MLB reopens their investigation which could result in the perennial All-Star being suspended.


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