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There was an interesting article in Cardplayer Magazine where high-stakes Limit Holdem pro “Kagome Kagome” said more than his money that has been locked-up on Full Tilt Poker since late June of 2011, “he really wanted the high-stakes action back”. While exploring the degeneracy of this statement, andRead Full Article

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With the 2011 online poker year entering the fourth quarter, I figured it was time to take a look at who has been prospering at the online poker tables in 2011, and who have been the contributors to those prosperous players. So without further adieu, here are theRead Full Article

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If you are a casino gambler, sports-bettor, or poker player you are likely very familiar with the term “juice”, and probably HATE the term as much as I do, so you would think the screen-name employed by the high-stakes Limit Holdem pro “IHateJuice” would be roundly applauded; alas,Read Full Article