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PokerStars versus Full Tilt

Tuesday April 23rd, 2012 will likely soon have its own catchy name if the rumors circulating throughout the poker world are correct, and Full Tilt Poker is being bought by PokerStars. According to the earliest report which appeared on 2+2 Tuesday morning (by an anonymous first-time poster): PokerStarsRead Full Article

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In place of our usual Friday Wrap weekly column I’ve decided to run a Black Friday Wrap, detailing some of the recent developments in the still-ongoing Black Friday saga that began nearly a year ago on April 15,2011. There have been a number of developments on the BlackRead Full Article

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In one of the most in-depth articles available on the subject, has broken down the current state of online poker in the United Sates, as well as offering up a detailed forecast for what poker players can expect on the legislative front in the coming months andRead Full Article

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Next month was going to see the second World Team Poker Championships taking place, but due to all the upheaval in online poker over the last two weeks they have been postponed until further notice. The championships were due to start on 24th May at the South PointRead Full Article

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It’s always difficult to speculate on how a tournament will do attendance-wise from Day 1a results –Day 1b is usually produces the much higher attendance number—but with just 438 players registering for Day 1a of the EPT San Remo tournament it doesn’t look like any records will fallRead Full Article

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On the heels of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker officially leaving the US market on Wednesday, former players at those sites can no longer take a wait and see approach to see what happens –regardless of how the specifics play out in the cases against PokerStars, Full TiltRead Full Article

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US poker players are feeling left out in the cold on Monday morning, European poker players are likely looking at a significant decrease in traffic, and more than likely the top three US online poker rooms are busy putting together a team of expensive defense attorneys, but thereRead Full Article