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Founded in the 1940’s in Great Britain, Victor Chandler has become a name that is virtually synonymous with sports-betting in the UK. However, even their powerful brand hasn’t seemed to be able to crack the upper echelon of online gaming sites, which may be the reason that VictorRead Full Article

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In a recent editorial on, Preston Oade J.D. echoed I. Nelson Rose’s concerns over Joe Barton and his apparent partnering with the Poker Players Alliance. However, Oade didn’t simply rehash Rose’s arguments; instead he put together his case against the Barton Bill itself by pointing out theRead Full Article

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The Federal Wire Act of 1961 has been used for years by the United States Department of Justice as a tool in their fight against online poker.  For year, it has been interpreted to mean that online gambling and poker is illegal.  That changed earlier Friday when theRead Full Article