Jonathan Little talks to PNB about new book and poker

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Jonathan Little is a two-time World Poker Tour Champion, and author of one of the hottest selling poker books in recent memory, Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Volume 1. Little’s publishing company recently released the eagerly anticipated Volume 2 of this series, with many including this author believing the duology to be the best tournament strategy books ever penned, a review of which you can find HERE.

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I recently had a chance to talk with Little about his new book and to discuss some other topic in the poker world and in the life of Jonathan Little.


Steve Ruddock: Earlier this year you went on absolute tear, winning three tournaments in the span of a few weeks, what does a run like that do for your confidence, and how does it change the way you approach the rest of the tournament year, if at all?

Jonathan Little: It honestly doesn’t really change my confidence or my plan for the year. I show up to every tournament realizing I am going to earn some amount of expected value. If I losing a tournament quickly or winning it doesn’t really change the way I handle things.

SR: Recently you posted that you are trying to sell pieces of yourself in order to enter the $1,000,000 Big One for OneDrop tournament, what is it in your mind that makes this tournament +EV?

JL: As more and more names are listed as officially playing, he tournament seems to look softer and softer. Despite the huge amount of rake, I think the tournament would still be slightly profitable.

SR: What are your other plans for the WSOP?

JL: I plan on playing pretty much all of the no limit Holdem, limit Holdem, and PLO events. If I bust from a tournament before 9pm or so, I plan on playing either cash games or sit n gos until around midnight every night. I plan on working a ton.

SR: Last time we spoke you said you were pleased with the finished product, but Volume 1 of Secrets of Professional Tournament has been consistently among the top selling poker books on Amazon for the past year, is it a validation of sorts to see your book do so well?

JL: I knew if I wrote a poker book it would be a good book. I was unsure how well it would sell simply because of the large number of poker books that come out each year. I am happy to see the buyers voting for my book by buying it.

SR: One theme I picked-up on while reading your two books was “take what the table gives you”, do you think this is an overlooked or misunderstood part of the game?

JL: A lot of young, overly aggressive online players try to win every pot they play. It is much more profitable to simply win the pots where no one has anything. I prefer a lower variance style, especially in tournaments, because one failed bluff can cost you your stack.

SR: Are you planning on writing any more books?

JL: I am considering writing another. Every time I play poker, I write down mistakes I see my opponents making. If I get enough topics to cover, I would write another book if it makes sense.

SR: What else is going on with Jonathan Little?

JL: I am currently working hard on my training site, Each month, I do a live webinar where members can ask me any questions they have about poker. I also lowered the price to only $8 per month, making it affordable to pretty much everyone that wants to improve their poker game. I also recently got involved with a new poker clothing brand, They have some awesome designs and I am looking forward to working with them in the future.

SR: I saw some recent Facebook pictures of you running a ½ marathon I think it was; what’s the harder challenge mentally trying to make good decisions after a 10-hour poker session or running the final few miles of a ½ marathon?

JL: That was actually my second half marathon. While I don’t particularly enjoy running long distances, it is nice to set a goal and stick to it. Working out, unlike poker, has very little variance. It is nice to have the two help balance life. If you only care about poker, you will often be left disappointed.

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You can read my review of Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Volume 2 Here

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