Mental Game of Poker 2 author Jared Tendler Q&A

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CroppedImage320180-jared-tendlerPoker author and mental game expert Jared Tendler’s latest book The Mental Game of Poker volume 2 is now out, and Jared was kind enough to answer some questions for about his new book, his role in poker, and some of his own recent life changes.

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PokerNewsBoy: When we first talked about Mental Game of Poker (you can read my earlier interview with Jared here) you described how daunting the writing process turned out to be; was the Mental Game of Poker II an easier process since you had one book under your belt or was it just as tough?

Jared Tendler: Much easier! Overall I had a clear vision for the overall process of writing and publishing the book and that allowed me to be less stressed, more focused, and enjoy the process more. My interaction with my co-author Barry and my editors was much more enjoyable. And ultimately I hope this translated into an even better book.

PNB: You wrote that Mental Game of Poker Part I was about working on the back-end of your game –your leaks so to speak—and that Mental Game of Poker Part II was more about raising your ceiling for success, could you briefly describe to my readers what they can expect from MGII that wasn’t in MGI?

JT: They can expect all new material. This book is not a rehash of the first or even additional material on how to control tilt, or increase confidence, for example. The new book centers on helping players play in the zone consistently, and I discuss many other topics that are critical for players to understand such as, increasing focus, improving discipline, focus, mental endurance, and the speed they’re able to learn. As with the first book, it’s filled with theory, client stories, and practical advice that will make improvement to this part of their mental game easier to make. There’s no esoteric BS. These are real solutions that have been proven to work for my clients (I’ve now coached over 300 poker players).

PNB: Can we expect a Mental Game of Poker Part III, and what type of material would it contain?

JT: I’ve been asked that a few times since #2 came out, and I’m not sure yet. If I were to do one, it would likely be a book full of stories and more detailed example of how players are using the material. What difficulty they’ve faced and what unique adjustments have ultimately helped them. Much more about what the process looks like and additional instruction on how to make it more effectively. The second book I had in mind when I wrote the first book, but a third book wasn’t originally in the plans. So I would have to spend a lot more time really thinking about it.

PNB: Since the last time we talked you’ve gone through a few big life changes, one very recently; would you like to talk about them?

JT: I got hitched! Married a wonderful woman. The wedding was amazing – definitely the happiest day of my life. I was surprisingly calm throughout the day and just had an absolute blast with our families and friends. Honeymoon to Hawaii was pretty special too.

PNB: Are there any other projects you have been working on?

JT: I have a few in the works, but nothing I’m ready to talk about yet…I’m excited about them and will definitely let you know when they ready to go.

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