Coral’s, Gala Bingo closes doors

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Gala Bingo

I know this is nothing to do with Poker, or at least very little, but a good friend of mine who loves bingo is devastated by this news. So this is for you. My friend has one of the biggest online bingo bonus sites, so if your a bingo fan pop past.

U.K’s biggest Bingo hall is closing the doors to six of its bingo halls. Coral’s Gala Bingo will shut up six of it’s Bingo hall’s all over the country, starting with the closure of Aldridge’s Gala Bingo hall.

The ladies and Tom who love their bingo where quoted saying,”I wrote to MPs and Gala pleading with them to keep it open when they announced it was to go. I even wrote to Mecca Bingo asking them to buy it but didn’t get much of a response.”

Glenda Allinson, a retired nurse of Leighswood Avenue, said: “I can’t understand the closure when this club has been making a profit. There have been people coming here for years and years, and this is the main centre of entertainment in Aldridge.”

My friend was quoted saying, “I’ve been playing at the Gala bingo club for many years. I guess its time to stay in and find a new place to play through London bingo…”

Manager of Gala Bingo also released a statement “We wanted to go out with a smile on our faces because there have been some good times here, and that is what we want to remember.”

“Gala enjoyed a golden period in the 90s but the smoking ban took a big chunk of our custom away, and then we couldn’t offer as big prize money as a result and lost more custom, and then the recession hit on top of that.”

So my sympathies go out to all the workers and players at Gala Bingo’s that where closed as well as a special condolence to my friend about the devastating news.

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