Are there problems at the iPoker Network?

Posted by Steve Ruddock on Feb 17, 2012 Posted in Poker Industry News | 1 Comment »

According to a report on there seems to be some grievances between the larger poker rooms on the iPoker Network and some of the smaller skins on the network. According to, the iPoker Network is considering splitting the network into two separate entities, where the flagship poker rooms on the network will break-away from the rest of the network.

Details on the possible split are lacking (this is all speculation at this point) but it would seem from the outside looking in that the larger rooms like Titan Poker and William Hill feel they are being treated unfairly in the way iPoker divvies up the profits for the skins. So, if these rooms feel they are responsible for 99% of the traffic due to their participation in the iPoker Network’s player pool, but are only receiving 90% of the revenue-sharing than they may have a legitimate gripe –remember this all speculation on my part on the speculation that the PokerFuse report is accurate!

According to the article on PokerFuse, the OnGame Network is in the midst of just such a split, although to a lesser extent: with the site reporting that the bigger sites on the OnGame Network will have their own tables not available to the other smaller skins, but still requiring them to share tables with the other skins.

iPoker’s potential decision to completely segregate their skins into two categories makes zero sense from a network point of view (since it simply divides your player base), which is why I feel pretty confident in assuming the pressure is coming from the larger skins who may not be particularly happy with the smaller skins piggy-backing their success.

For instance, how many players would switch to smaller skins like BlackBelt Poker or LittleWoods Poker from Titan Poker, William Hill, BetFred, Paddy Power, and Bet365 id the same player pool was not available? How many players only went with a new poker download to claim a new deposit bonus, or for a rakeback deal, or to change their screen-name on the network? If the larger skins feel players are leaving for smaller skins over these reasons than yes, they do have a legitimate complaint with the iPoker Network; but is a split really the right way to remedy the problem?

The iPoker Network is currently ranked #3 in the world, trailing only Party Poker and PokerStars in overall traffic. Even if the split was along the lines of 80/20 they would maintain the #3 spot, as they are well ahead of 888 Poker at the moment. But the drop in traffic may precipitate a further exodus, and the smaller skins may simply whither on the vine and die if the overall traffic at the sites dropped 80%.

As I said, we’re still in speculation mode on all fronts of this story, but it is definitely something to keep an eye on.

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One Response to “Are there problems at the iPoker Network?”

  1. Tomson Taylor says:

    Full of bots and collusion site..Dont play there play only party,888 or stars..

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