Crypto-Based CoinPoker Launches Stage 1 Of CHP Tokens Sale On Jan

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Cryptocurrency continues to make huge strides in online poker as gets ready to launch the first stage of its ICO sale tomorrow. In November 2017, the cryptocurrency-based online poker room CoinPoker launched the pre-ICO sale of its CHP (CHiP) tokens, a new cryptocurrency that can be used for in-game play.

The global cryptocurrency market has seen exponential growth in the last 12 months and cryptocurrency investors have been eager to get their hands on digital currencies that have a strong reputation or the backing of a reputed company. CoinPoker has done well with their CHP cryptocurrency as they sold out the 100 million CHP tokens they released for the pre-ICO in just six days.

Stage I of ICO on Jan 19

Due to the overwhelming reception of the CHP tokens, CoinPoker is pushing forward with the first leg of its official ICO sale on January 19, Friday, at 10 a.m. GMT. When the pre-ICO was launched, CoinPoker was selling 6,600 CHP for 1 ETH. The value has increased in the last few weeks and the Stage I ICO will go at 4,200 CHPs for 1 ETH.

Only a part of the total CHP bank will once again be put up on sale during the Stage 1, since CoinPoker will be launching several more selling stages in the coming months. Right now, only a third of the allocated CHPs will be put on sale on Friday because many members have already reserved tokens via priority whitelist which commenced on January 5.

Ever since CoinPoker released its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) play money app in October, they have seen 30,000 unique user registrations and 20,000 downloads. Out of all the registered users, at least half have already CHP tokens in their account. The app is also receiving at least 4,000 unique daily players, which signals the strength of the player pools. These are very good numbers for an online poker room that’s still experimenting with the cryptocurrency format.

In a statement, Sonic Zhang, Professional crypto investor and CoinPoker advisor, said “CoinPoker is the first platform using the CHP token but it has a great chance to become the valuable utility token for use in the whole emerging crypto gaming industry and various projects.”

Part of CoinPoker’s promise during their launch is that they will be giving back 15 percent of all CHP tokens collected back to the community. After the Stage 1 ICO sale closes on January 26, CoinPoker is opening with two big tournaments which will allow players to win CHP tokens.

CoinPoker Involving Players In App Development

Players are not just poker “players” when using the CoinPoker app. They are also active participants in the development of the app. The community gets to have a say on how to improve game formats, app design, features, contests, and other areas of improvement. CoinPoker has opened multiple means of communication for players to leave their feedback and that includes the project’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.

A bounty program is also in place where players can design their unique table skins and submit them to CoinPoker for a chance to get published on the app.

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