Facebook will start allowing online poker ads

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There is always one announcement or another coming out of Facebook every week, and while the typical announcement usually has something to do with a privacy setting or some other minor change to the site itself, this weekend the Social Media mega-company detailed a change in their advertising policy that will allow online gaming companies –including online poker—to advertise on the site.

The new policy does not allow any online gaming site to advertise to any group of Facebook users. Instead the new policy opens up markets where online gaming is ostensibly legal, and allows online sites, or even affiliates, to target people from these markets so long as they adhere to local laws regarding online gaming advertising.

The ad space is of course pricy –we are talking about Facebook here—which should keep all but the most lucrative online gaming sites from partaking in these ad-buys in the first place. The number being kicked around is that the ad space will require at least a $30k investment, way over the budgets of all but a few online poker rooms. Furthermore, with the US market strictly left out of the loop, it’s unlikely how effective a Facebook marketing campaign targeting just the UK or France will be.

The good news is that another small step has been taken in the evolution of legalized online poker –every minor law, minor change to advertising policy, or even mention of online poker counts! In my view, the bigger the reach online poker has, the better the chance that people will just see legalized online poker as the inevitable next step in the process.

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