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The world of mobile games took an interesting turn of events with ONE Entertainment announcing that Playtrex, a developer of social casino games, and Hero Digital Entertainment, a mobile games publisher have signed a deal with former American professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather to take on the role of the presenter for their new mobile casino game called Wild Poker.

Wild Poker

Wild Poker is a social casino game for mobile devices and offers Texas Hold’em Poker with a twist by incorporating interesting features like real-time decision making, power-ups, character developments and gaming strategies. These add-ons enable a player to pick their favourite animal character and harness its skills in a strategic manner (using the giraffe’s long neck to look over another player’s shoulders) to progress to the next level.

As players move to higher levels they unlock different characters with varied skills and abilities which set this game apart from the rest. While the game doesn’t include gambling for real money, players can buy in-app upgrades for added advantages to be given to each of their characters. Wild Poker is available for download at the Apple Store as well as the Google Playstore.

The reason for Mayweather’s addition to the game is to provide a gaming experience that is unique to Wild Poker. CEO of Playtrex, Daniel Kashmir said the idea behind the agreement was to change the social casino gaming scenario and make it interesting and fun for all types of players. The inclusion of Mayweather will elevate the game, making it exclusive from other social casino games available out there.

Through the agreement Mayweather’s presence in the game will be that of the presenter as well as a character. He will introduce new hands, advise players with tips on how to play effectively and will also be a character option wherein players will be able to play their hands as him and use his abilities and skills during the game.

Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather will go down in history as one of the greatest boxers to have ever stepped into a boxing ring. Money Mayweather made headlines this year when he decided to come out of retirement and fight MMA superstar Conor McGregor and earned over $150 million for his comeback fight. Mayweather defeated McGregor and once again retired with a fantastic 50-0 record.

Apart from being a great boxer, Mayweather is an astute businessman with multiple ventures from being a boxing promoter to running a strip club. He has now decided to venture into the gambling industry and was very happy to be a part of Wild Poker. Mayweather said that he constantly gets asked to endorse different products and services but he is very careful in what he chooses. He decided to endorse Wild Poker as he believes it is innovative with its power ups and different strategies but also because it is one of the best social casino games in the market right now. Mayweather will reportedly get paid an amount in six-figures for his role in the game and more depending on how well the game does.

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