Global Poker Index purchases The Hendon Mob

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global-poker-index-le-classement-des-joueurs-prosWith the sale of The Hendon Mob to the Global Poker Index two great poker tournament resources are now under one roof. The Global Poker Index and The Hendon Mob are now capable of combining their resources and in-house talent to form what should likely be the go-to resource for tournament poker.

With its recent acquisition of, and its purchase of the Global Poker Index in August of 2012, it would appear that Zokay Entertainment is trying to put a stranglehold on the tournament tracking industry, as they now possess two of the best-respected resources for tournament poker: In the Hendon Mob they have accurate results dating back decades, as well as what is considered the best tournament ranking system in poker in the Global Poker Index.

As Zokay Entertainment CEO Alexandre Dreyfuss stated in a press release on the purchase of The Hendon Mob, “The Hendon Mob and the Global Poker Index are a natural fit to put together. As a combined company, they truly form an authoritative hub for all poker players, particularly those who compete in live events.”

How the two sites will be combined/interact is anyone’s guess at this point, but the press release does state that will maintain the current website as well as its operational team; at least for the foreseeable future.

Potential growth areas I see for The Hendon Mob database include:

* Online tournaments; currently doesn’t track any online results

* Smaller, local, tournaments; which could allow partner casinos to brand their daily events as Hendon Mob approved.

* More and better filters for results

* Potential tracking of buy-ins? I know this is a long-shot but it would revolutionize poker if someone were able to accomplish this feat

Although Dreyfuss sort of hinted at some big news two days ago on Twitter “@RealKidPoker LOL – You will like what we gonna announce tuesday too :),” The purchase of The Hendon Mob by the Global Poker Index literally came out of nowhere, with Hendon Mob users (the site has a very active poker forum) as stunned as people in the poker media when the following Press Release was issued:

London, July 23nd 2013

The Global Poker Index announced today that it has completed the acquisition of The Hendon Mob Limited (UK). Widely regarded as the most comprehensive database of poker players, venues, festivals, events and live tournament poker results in the world, The Hendon Mob provides information on over 250,000 players and nearly 70,000 events. The Hendon Mob is also home to the UK’s largest online poker community.

Over the last 12 years, The Hendon Mob has invested in creating a truly unique asset for the poker world and has gained the universal trust and respect of the poker community. In that time, The Hendon Mob has formed relationships with over a thousand casinos across the globe to gather results. Thousands of poker players every year work with The Hendon Mob to ensure that results are accurate and complete.

“We are very excited and extremely proud to count The Hendon Mob as part of the Global Poker Index family.” said Global Poker Index CEO Alexandre Dreyfus. “The Hendon Mob poker database is the best in the world, without a doubt. We plan to support and grow this tremendous asset. The Hendon Mob and the Global Poker Index are a natural fit to put together. As a combined company, they truly form an authoritative hub for all poker players,particularly those who compete in live events.”

Since the last year, Zokay Entertainment, the parent company of the Global Poker Index, is investing over 3 million dollars in building out its current products and is poised to continue further acquisitions to consolidate its position as a premier provider of poker information online. With over 500,000 visitors per month and nearly 2 million unique visitors per year, the combination of The Hendon Mob and the Global Poker Index will become the premier destination for live poker tournament information.

“With the expertise, resources and commitment of the Global Poker Index, the legacy of The Hendon Mob is safe and its future is secure” says Barny Boatman, one of the founders of The Hendon Mob. “We are excited about the upcoming developments from which everyone in poker will benefit, and we will continue to give our enthusiastic support to the Global Poker Index and Hendon Mob project.”

“I personally am so happy with The Hendon Mob website and database now being a part of the Global Poker Index group” adds Joe Beevers, another of The Hendon Mob founders. “They are adding our team and theirs together and will be investing to make it bigger and better. This is a great day for poker!

The Global Poker Index plans to continue investing and developing The Hendon Mob website at, as well as maintaining and investing in the current operational team. Future plans for The Hendon Mob’s database include expanding to an even broader range of tournaments as well as providing results even faster as tournaments conclude. Future plans for growing the UK online poker community include the addition of adding leagues and other membership incentives.

For more information, contact Alexandre Dreyfus: Mobile : +356 99 99 78 78 Email:

About Zokay Entertainment: Zokay Entertainment is the new entertainment and poker company established by Alexandre Dreyfus, founder of the Chiligaming group. The group, whose motto is ‘Connect players™’, is based in Malta and the US and currently has 15 employees. Zokay acquired the Global Poker Index in August, 2012 and has turned it into the premiere reference tool for worldwide poker rankings and has developed it as a bridge between offline and online poker and poker in a social gaming environment.

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