Man sues ‘Face the Ace’ poker show for $85mil

Posted by Steve Ruddock on Sep 15, 2009 Posted in Poker Industry News | 5 Comments »


Everyone’s favorite gossip site,, is reporting that Brandon McSmith is claiming that Poker Productions stole the idea of ‘Face the Ace’ from him. McSmith claims he pitched an idea for a poker show where ordinary people would compete against poker pros hidden behind doors –‘Face the Ace’s’ premise is for ordinary people to compete against poker pros hidden behind smoked glass doors.

 McSmith is looking for a whopping $85,000,000 in damages. The amount of the lawsuit seems quite steep when you take into account ‘Face the Ace’ has been a ratings disaster for NBC; relegated to a Saturday afternoon timeslot. Not only have ratings been low, but the show has also come under fire for its lackluster hosting, and a lack of action and energy.

The most amazing part of the story to me is that anyone would want to take credit for creating the show. ‘Face the Ace’ may go down as one of the worst game shows in the history of television. Personally, I wouldn’t want my name discredited for being the brainchild of the show.

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5 Responses to “Man sues ‘Face the Ace’ poker show for $85mil”

  1. Brandon McSmith says:

    Face The Ace is a ratings disaster well I see it as Karma for stealing my concept. I wanted experienced poker comentators as host such as Norman Chad, Sexton, Kaplan, Benza etc.. It hurts that the show I created is doing so bad but the fact is I had no input on how the finished show came out. Now I know how Wesley Snipes felt with his lawsuit over Blade Trinity!

  2. Steve Ruddock says:

    Hi Brandon,

    I did a piece on a different site where I basically agreed with everythnig you just said: The concept was phenomonal, the execution was horrid. I don’t know what you might be entitled to in the end, but good luck with the lawsuit.

  3. Brandon McSmith says:

    Thx Steve.

  4. Brandon McSmith says:

    Everyone thinks it’s just Poker PROductions I’m suing. NBC is also named in the suit as well. I’m going to hit NBC hard!

  5. Hi Brandon

    If you want to write a story explaining your side of the story. We would be more than willing to publish it

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