No applications since Pennsylvania stated accepting gambling lice

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pen stateNo applications since Pennsylvania stated accepting gambling license applications

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board started accepting petitions on interactive gaming certificates on April 16, 2018. Since then, nearly 2 months have passed but the board is yet to receive any applications. A spokesman from the board says that they are yet to receive any interactive Gaming Petitions from US Online Casinos. 

This might not be the time to start panicking but the lack of applicants should raise concern. As for Pennsylvania, they need to start reconsidering some of the policies they put in place. 

The licensed being offered by Pennsylvania is a comprehensive license that covers online slot table and poker. This license will cost the applicant $10 million. Casinos in Pennsylvania have 90 days since April 16th to apply for the license. After this period is over, there three licenses, Poker, slots and table games will go for $4 million each. Licenses that will not be claimed for 120 days will be opened to qualified entities at the same price of $4 million. 

Why are the applications taking time?

There are some possible reasons as to why the applications are yet to be submitted. 

One of the reasons is that the process takes time and there is a lot of ground work required. The applicants are required to fill endless documents for vetting and agreements on partnerships. This being the case, there are enough reasons for the applicants to not have submitted their applications to this time. 

Some casinos would want to pick licenses they need and not all

This is another reason, casinos would opt to go for licenses they want. The discount where you get all three licenses at the price of $10 million is impressive but will not make sense if you do not have plans of having a poker site or table games’ site. It would be cheaper for you to take one or two licenses that will fit your business model rather than three that will not make sense to your business. 


Since the state’s casinos are not yet comfortable at getting the licenses, this could be another concern. It looks like Pennsylvania has some polices that they need to change. There are questions looming and one of them would be on the online slot tax rate and its effect to the business. There can also be the question about the Pennsylvania lottery on whether it will affect the online slot revenue. When it comes to the partnerships, it is not clear on the effects the skin websites will have to the primary license holder. Another thing will be on the restrictions put for the account creation. This uncertainty has brought an unfriendly atmosphere for the online gambling operators. 

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