TIPS (The International Poker School) launched at the end of last

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TIPS (The International Poker School) launched in autumn 2009 and is operated by some of poker’s most respected names, TIPS enables you to improve your poker skills in a relaxed atmosphere where you can learn from, listen to, talk with and play against a collection of Europe’s most accomplished players.

TIPS offers poker players like you the opportunity to improve your game and make rapid, winning progress.

Learn from established professionals who boast millions in poker winnings. They will show you how to start profiting from the game and how you can compete for poker’s biggest prizes by gaining entry to the world’s most prestigious tournaments.

TIPS Seminars also come with an unparalleled guarantee: whoever emerges as the seminar’s best player will, at the very least, recoup their course fee on the day, while every one of our poker delegates will immediately be armed with enough ammunition to start blasting their way towards the game’s biggest pots.

Throughout the coming year, we’ll be hosting a series of unrivalled poker seminars across the UK where we’ll offer players of differing abilities a comprehensive range of specialist poker tutoring. So why not make it your new year’s resolution to become a better, more respected, poker player and to compete for the game’s most lucrative prizes?

Our team of poker professionals are waiting to share their knowledge of the game with you, so what are you waiting for?”

You can either buy your seat directly into the seminar or win your seat in one of our many on-line satellites.

Go to to find out exactly where and when the next seminars are going to be.

TIPS Summary from a sports writer who attended our last seminar wrote the piece below………….

TIPS summary

Lots of people talk about learning the game, but let’s face it, poker is not exactly complicated, a factor which accounts, at least in part, for its universal appeal. Once you have a basic grounding of features such as hand rankings, a grasp of probability theory and an eagerness to do well, it’s possible to start playing and enjoy the game.

What fewer people discuss is being fluent in poker, ie applying what you learn and experience every time you play in a more effective manner. It was the prospect of becoming more fluent in poker that persuaded me to head to London town and experience a day at The International Poker School. (TIPS).

A Saturday morning, pre-TIPS poker seminar reminded me a football team meeting up before travelling to an away fixture. A welcoming hum of constant banter filled the air as football affiliations engendered conversation, ensuring there was little in the way of pregnant pauses.

In the background, Paul Zimbler’s phone rang as he moved chairs, re-arranged a lectern and positioned TIPS posters for the cameras – oh yes, we were being filmed too.

If it wasn’t for the fact that everyone was casually dressed, we could have been delegates heading for a sales conference.

The atmosphere was relaxed; no-one was clock-watching and the banter continued until some late arrivals bounded in, grabbed a coffee and made their way to the seats. We were on our way.

Paul Zimbler is a very accomplished speaker, his lucid delivery made even more impressive as he appears not to use any notes at all. He instinctively knows what he’s talking about and he prefaced the seminar by telling us to ask questions at any point throughout the day. That duck was broken within five minutes, after which everyone piped up periodically, the answers provided either by Paul or one of the three other pros on show: James Browning, John Tabatabai or Paul Jackson.

To give an example: at one point, Paul was talking about betting patterns and the wealth of information that can be collected from them, when someone put their hand up and asked a question about risk. It was an ideal prompt for John Tabatabai to show his colours. He explained why, in the instance Paul had shown us on screen, it was worth taking a risk and raising rather than checking. His delivery was methodical and encouragingly comprehensive, as was that of Paul Jackson who went on to describe the on-screen situation in terms of odds.

Here were three established poker professionals interpreting specific game situations with a unique insight that could be used time and again to help the assembled amateurs play with greater fluency.

Naturally, it’s difficult to prevent a Geordie having his say, so James Browning was almost chomping at the bit when an opportunity came for him to have a word about how we can understand the language of betting.

It was a day filled with concentration and plenty of note-taking. Applying what we had learnt by retiring to one of several tables where we contested games of poker in a short tournament format was particularly satisfying. There was laughter, side bets galore. We also enjoyed that rarest of treats – loads of opportunities to collar a high-profile pro and ask him about a specific game situation, or how he would bet in such-and-such situation. No question was considered foolish by these guys; they couldn’t do enough to ensure that everyone enjoyed a fulfilling day.

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