2011 WSOP Main Event Final Table UPDATES

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***Heinz ends Collins run 9:15PM

Well, the 2011 WSOP Final table may not last until the wee hours of the morning as has been the MO in recent years.

on the very next hand after Eoghan O’Dea’s elimination Phil Collins hit the rail after pushing with A7s and running into Pius Heinz’s pocket 9’s. After a brutal sweat on a 456 flop, followed by a turn 9 that gave Collins a flush draw to go with his straight draw, a meaningless 7 hit the river, eliminating Collins in 5th place.

***O’Dea’s run ends with a 6th place finish 9:00PM

On the first hand back from the break Eoghan O’Dea was all-in with his 2 Big Blind stack and his Q6 couldn’t improve to beat Martin Staszko’s 88. O’Dea matched his father’s best WSOP Main Event finish, and the two can take some solace in the fact that they are the only father/son duo to accomplish the feat of reaching the WSOP Main Event final table.


***Lamb doubles through on River to survive 8:45PM

After 3-betting with Q8 and getting called by the A9 of Eoghan O’Dea Ben Lamb’s tournament life was on the line, but a flush-draw and two live cards on the flop gave Lamb hope, but after a blank on the turn it took an 8 on the river to give Lamb the double, and cripple O’Dea.

The hand ended the level, and Lamb is now back in the thick of things with around 30 million chips, while O’Dea is clinging to life with just over 2 million chips.

***Collins doubles through Lamb 8:00PM

It looked really bleak for Phil Collins as his last 13 million went into the pot pre-flop holding QJ and up against Ben Lamb’s AQ. A fairly ragged flop brought little help for Collins, but a 10 of diamonds on the Turn gave him both a straight and a flush draw for a 14-out sweat. A fourth diamond on the river saw Collins double-up to over 30 million and Lamb drop to 15 million.

***Bounhara shoves light and is eliminated 7:20 PM

After a raise by Martin Staszko, Bob Bounhara decided to put his last 4 million chips in the pot and found himself dominated, holding A5 to Staszko’s A9. Bounhara’s amazing WSOP run ended in 7th place.

***Pius Heinz catches 2-Outer on turn to eliminate Makiievsky 7:15PM

In an all-in race situation pre-flop Pius Heinz held 99 vs. Makiievsky’s KQ, but a KJJ flop put the young Ukrainian way out in front. But the poker gods had other ideas, and a 9 on the turn followed by a blank on the river sealed his fate, sending him home in 8th place, and extending Heinz’s chip-lead.

***Sam Holden eliminated in 9th place 6:45PM

The first elimination of the day comes over 3 hours into the WSOP Final Table as Sam Holden moved all-in for just over 11 million chips after a raise by Ben Lamb. Lamb quickly called and had Holden dominated: Ak vs. AJ.

Three clubs on the flop and a fourth on the river took the excitement out of the hand as Lamb held the only club.

***Heinz takes over chip-lead 6:05PM

Pius Heinz–48,525,000

Martin Staszko–44,975,000

Matt Giannetti–23,800,000

Ben Lamb–21,825,000

Phil Collins–16,225,000

Bob Bounahra–14,175,000

Eoghan O’Dea–13,175,000

Sam Holden–11,975,000

Anton Makiievskyi–11,250,000


****Heinz soars at expense of O’Dea 6:00PM


A huge pot was just won by Pius Heinz, vaulting him into 2nd place on the leader-board. Heinz’s opponent in the hand was Eoghan O’Dea who got a little too frisky with AQ and is now near the bottom of the chip-counts.

 ***Action Heating Up 5:15PM

About two hours into the final table the players are just starting to get their raising-legs under them, and we just saw back-to-back 3-bets, the first 3-bet since hand #2!


***Patches UPDATE 4:00PM


Interestingly, but not unexpected, Pius Heinz is not wearing a PokerStars patch –despite signing with the site just days ago.


The big winner in the Patch sweepstakes seems to be 888 Poker which has Anton Makiievsky and Sam Holden patched-up, while Paddy Power Poker is represented by Eoghan O’Dea.

The 2011 WSOP Main Event final table is now underway, and the first hand of the day goes to Phil Collins


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