2013 WSOP Countdown: News and Information Sources

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2013_schedule_carouselAs we draw closer and closer to the opening event of the 2013 World Series of Poker tournament series I’m going to let you in on a secret (well it’s not really a secret, more of an informed suggestion) by offering up the places I go for all my WSOP news and information. I got the idea after Party Poker releases a list of 50 people to follow during the WSOP, and while that list was pretty good, I felt there were some holes in it.

The reason I say this is because we all are in search of different news and information; some of us are looking for straight news and tournament results; some of us are looking for inside on the WSOP and their favorite players; and still others are looking for the juicy gossip and potential scandals that are always present at the WSOP.

With this in mind I’ve compiled a short-list of people and places that provide the most comprehensive and unique news. Below you’ll find some suggestions that will whet anyone’s whistle, regardless of whether you’re looking for TMZ-style news or NPR-reporting.

The Straight News

WSOP.com – Every time a tournament concludes the WSOP issues a full-fledged press-release in PDF format on the WSOP.com website. Additionally, you can find live reporting and of course links to the WSOP live stream of final tables. You can also follow @WSOP, @WSOPTD, and @SethPalansky for more information direct from the WSOP.


KevMath’s Twitter – If it’s important enough it will appear on Kevin “KevMath” Mathers’ Twitter feed; if it’s not on Kevmath’s Twitter it’s simply not important… end of story.


QuadJacks.com – The “new” Quadjacks should have a strong presence at the WSOP and Marco Valerio is a top-notch interviewer with a lot of connections. Chances are the best player interviews will be found at QuadJacks.com.


The Dirt

PokerFraudAlert.com – There are a handful of pro players and Vegas locals that post on this forum run by Todd “DanDruff” Witteles, along with a slew of social media and forum watchers, and all of them have a bent towards scams, scandals, and shadiness as one of the forum titles at PFA professes. If shenanigans occur at the WSOP you can be sure it will find its way onto this forum.


@AsianSpa – If it gets by Todd Witteles and PFA you can be sure it won’t get by both Witteles AND AsianSpa. Poker’s “Truthspeaker” always has an ear to the ground, looking to call out people in the poker community who have done wrong and bringing to light any accusations that the mainstream press is avoiding.


@adzizzy – Matt Marafioti is usually good for at least one Twitter battle/Twitter Tilt (which sometimes spills over into real-life, just ask Jon Augiar or Eric Ramsey) during the hot summer months in Vegas.


The Player’s Perspective

The following players do more than Tweet their chip counts, so adding these people to your follow list will give you a good idea of what is going on inside the Rio, both at and away from the tables.

@MattGlantz – Always has a solid understanding and excellent perspective on all things poker.


@RealKidPoker – Opinions, information, and insider info are always present on Negreanu’s Twitter.


@AllenKessler – A good source for all your nitty needs; whether it’s a structure, late registration period, or simply buffet details.


@JonAugiar – Augiar is a bit of a mini-Kessler, fighting the good fight for the poker community when he feels the players are not being treated fairly.


@Phil_Hellmuth – Want to know what celeb is in the house, or the latest record Hellmuth has broke, simply hit follow.


@SquidPoker – Perhaps the best interview in poker, Grafton’s Twitter is full of hijinks and hilarity as well.




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