2013 WSOP Notebook Day 1: Attendance #’s, a few laughs, and mor

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wsop 2013This year PokerNewsBoy.com will be bringing you all of the important news from the World Series of Poker, but we’ll also be scouring the Internet for some of the little tidbits that fall through the cracks. Our daily WSOP Notebook column will focus on anything controversial, funny, or just downright strange, so if you happen across an interesting bit of information please post it here: OFFICIAL 2013 News and Notes and if we find it newsworthy it will make the column along with a special thanks to the person who brought it to light.

Casino Employee Tournament sees big attendance boost

Whoa, I have to be honest and say I didn’t see this one coming. The Casino Employee Tournament packed in 898 entrants this time around, making this the largest field for the tournament since the golden age of poker back in 2008. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the WSOP over the course of the summer.

Event #2: $5,000 8-Max NLHE Tournament

A new event on this year’s schedule (but not all that different from a typical $5k NLHE event, be it 6-max or full ring) is the $5k 8-Max NLHE tournament. With nothing to compare it with attendance-wise we’ll let the final tally speak for itself, as the final attendance number came in at 481 players. With a $2.2 million prize-pool, and over $500k going to the winner, this will surely be one of the bigger tournaments of the entire series.

Close to 90 minute waits in registration line

With the 2013 WSOP kicking off on Wednesday Twitter was abuzz yesterday over the registration lines, and the inordinate amount of time one spent waiting in said line. One player, Jonathan Little, even called the clock on the registration line, posting his wait time at 85 minutes.


Total wait time to register was 85 minutes. Plan accordingly.

Little wasn’t the only player complaining, and the hash-tag #WorldSeriesofLineWaiting was born, and everyone from Bryan Devonshire to Todd Terry was Tweeting about it.

WSOP.com launches, then doesn’t, gets lambasted for their Twitter handle, then launches again, then doesn’t…

The WSOP.com website has already been the target of plenty of rumor and speculation regarding its launch date, and today saw those rumors kick in to overdrive as QuadJacks.com reported the site had launched; which it did… but only for play money. Then their Twitter feed went live and BJ Nemeth took them to task for naming their Twitter feed “WSOPcom”, followed by another round of “it launched!” talk, and then eventually everything calmed back down, but not before 2+2 and other forums saw threads announcing the launch of the site.

So where we stand now is: The WSOP.com website has launched for play-money and their twitter feed is named WSOPcom.

Ben Lamb is playing… Cash Games

Surprise, Ben Lamb would rather sit at the cash game tables than the tournament tables at the Rio, and if this Tweet is any indication, it was a sound decision:


Cash game at Rio. $2/$4 blinds…Stuck $60…Just fuckin’ wit ya. Up $90,000

A comical list of predictions from PokerListings.com

For maximum laughs just jump ahead to the ADZ, Annie Duke, and Shaun Deeb entries. Well played PokerListings, well played indeed. http://www.pokerlistings.com/2013-wsop-predictions-most-likely-to-72012

*Resources: www.wsop.com, www.twitter.com



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