A look at the poker POY races heading into April

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poyIn the early part of 2013 tournament poker has been Paul Volpe’s world and the rest of us are just living in it. The Lock Poker Pro has opened up a commanding lead in two of the three major Player of the Year races, and holds the slimmest of leads in the third (the Global Poker Index).

A few other notable players are looking to run-down Paul Volpe before the year is out including Scott Seiver, Vanessa Selbst and Mike Watson, all of whom have been among the most consistent performers in recent years and play full schedules year-in and year-out.

A fourth challenger could be Dan Shak, but Shak is better-known for competing in major events and high-roller tournaments than putting in huge amounts of volume to chase a POY award. For Shak to win it would likely require him to win and place high in a few major events where he can pickup quite a few points at a time.

Here is a look at the current POY races:

Bluff Magazine 2013 Player of the Year leader-board (accurate as of 3/25/2013):

1. Paul Volpe — 564.42 points

2. Dimitar Danchev — 448.45 points

3. Mike Watson — 434.20 points

4. Paul Klann — 425.85 points

5. Mervin Chan — 393.00 points

6. Dani Stern — 368.38 points

7. James Anderson — 357.71 points

8. Vanessa Selbst — 336.00 points

9. Scott Seiver — 322.38 points

10. Dejan Divkovic — 312.30 points

Cardplayer Magazine 2013 Player of the Year leader-board (accurate as of 3/25/2013):

1. Paul Volpe — 3,230 points

2. Dimitar Danchev — 2,340 points

3. Paul Klann — 2,100 points

3. Mervin Chan — 2,100 points

5. Joel Micka — 1,996 points

6. Remi Castaignon — 1,824 points

7. Michael Watson — 1,754 points

8. Daniel Shak — 1,750 points

8. Joe Cabret — 1,750 points

10. Ruben Visser — 1,716 points

Global Poker Index 2013 Player of the Year leader-board (accurate as of 3/25/2013):

1. Paul Volpe — 501.54 points

2. Michael Watson — 501.20 points

3. Daniel Shak — 429.60 points

4. Christian Harder — 410.03 points

5. Ana Laura Marquez Esteban — 390.93 points

6. Scott Seiver — 386.91 points

7. Yury Gulyy — 355.17 points

8. Steven Silverman — 349.90 points

9. Micah Raskin — 344.91 points

10. Christopher Robin Frank — 338.79 points

All three ranking systems use a different criterion to determine the Player of the Year:

* Cardplayer Magazine focuses on a player’s results over the course of the entire calendar year.

* Bluff Magazine takes into account a player’s results from the previous calendar year (weighted at about 50% of the current year)

* The Global Poker Index uses a players top cashes from different quarters of the year only, all other results are discounted




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