Andrew Robl wins $100k Challenge at Aussie Millions

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aussie millionsThe Aussie Millions is one of the most prestigious tournament series in poker, and over the years the tournament series has also been an envelope-pusher as well, with the Aussie Millions being the genesis of the Super-High-Roller events that have permeated major tournament series around the globe. The 2013 version of the Aussie Millions $100k Challenge (the 7th in the event’s history) attracted 22 participants, and by the end of Day 1 just seven players remained in the hunt for the title.

Day 2 started with Japanese high-roller Masa Kagawa leading the way, along with Igor Kurganov and Dan Shak, who controlled the vast majority of the total chips in play. With only four people making the money we knew one of the trail pack (Vanessa Selbst, Andrew Robl, Tobias Reinkemeier, and Niklas Heinecker) would at least double their initial buy-in but as the tournament played out Andrew Robl wasn’t just playing for a min-cash, he was playing for the win.

Robl worked his way up the leader-board after starting with about 15 big blinds on Day 2, and when the final hand was dealt it was Robl who raised his hands in victory; winning the $100k Challenge and the $1,000,000 first-place prize-money.

Here is a look at the payouts from the 2013 Aussie Millions $100k Challenge.

* 1st place: Andrew Robl — $1,000,000

* 2nd place: Igor Kurganov — $610,000

* 3rd place: Masa Kagawa — $320,000

* 4th place: Dan Shak — $237,000

While the $100k Challenge was wrapping up the Aussie Millions Main event was in full swing, with Day 1b players in action. Day 1b attracted a field of 196 players, a slight increase from Day 1a of the tournament, which saw a turnout of 159 players.

Tuesday will see the third and final day 1 flight for the Aussie Millions Main Event, and the tournament will need a solid turnout to reach last year’s attendance number of 659 players. The high-water mark in the event’s history was reached in 2008 when 780 players entered the tournament.

Here is a look at the Day 1 chip-leaders, beginning with Day 1a:

1. Brian Payne – 299,900

2. Phillip Willcocks – 208,400

3. Kevin Rabichow – 183,900

4. Mark McQuinn – 176,600

5. James Obst – 156,700

6. Ayaz Mahmood – 154,700

7. Billy Jordanou – 147,000

8. Raj Ramakrishnan – 127,300

9. Daniel Neilson – 93,900

10. Micah Raskin – 93,000

Day 1b leaders:

1. Francis Rusnak – 165,100

2. Mark Betts 145,300

3. Michael O’Grady 143,100

4. Cole Swannack – 135,000

5. Minh Phuc – 133,500

6. Andrew Pantling – 131,100

7. Matthew Ginn – 125,000

8. Fazez Dawood – 122,000

9. Michael Ryan – 120,800

10. Julius Coleman – 120,000

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