Brad Booth apologizes via YouTube for stealing $30k

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Two days ago we brought you the story of Douglas “WCGrider” Polk who was victimized by poker pro Brad Booth. Polk decided to do a money swap from his online account with Booth for cash (Booth is a former superstars high-stakes poker player who has fallen on hard times in recent years), and after the first swap, for $13,000, was done with no problems Polk agreed to do a second swap for $30,000, which is when he realized his mistake.

After transferring Booth $30,000 Polk was unable to arrange a meeting for the two to make the cash exchange. After Booth finally came clean –saying he was broke and he would give him what he could—Polk received about $2,200 from Booth. A few days later Booth would not answer his phone and Polk learned he had left the country.

After being lampooned on 2+2 and every other poker forum, Booth decided to go into damage control and released a YouTube, confessing to owing Polk (and others) money, and accepting that his behavior in recent years has been disgraceful. According to this confessional video, Booth is backed for $100k worth of WSOP events and is promising to give 75% of his share to Polk and the other people he owes money to.

While Booth was very emotional in the video, many people feel it was scripted and the emotion faked, and Booth’s real intentions for making the apology was to be able to show his face in Las Vegas for the 2012 World Series of poker –something he would not be able to do with the cloud of the scam he pulled on Doug Polk hanging over his head.

One of the highest-limit, and considered one of the most fearless poker players of the mid-2000’s, Brad Booth was an online legend and made one of the sickest bluffs in televised poker history against Phil Ivey on High Stakes Poker, basically cementing his name in the pantheon of poker lore.

Booth was also one of the biggest targets for the Ultimate Bet Super-Users during the poker boom, and they fleeced the then well-known poker pro out of over $2 million according to Booth, and a further $500,000 he borrowed from other people to try to recoup his poker losses. Since the Super-User scandal Booth has been a shell of himself, rarely seen playing poker, and according to Booth himself, he has lost hundreds-of-thousands gambling in the pits and on sports.

The publicity the recent scam has received has also brought out many other negative stories regarding Brad Booth, including owing many people money and not being able to play in private games in his native Canada.

You can watch the entire 5:24 YouTube video HERE, and can read the complete back-story on the scam Booth pulled on Polk HERE.

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