Controversy arises between Isildur1 and URnotINdanger2

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After a crushing defeat at the hands of PokerStars newest pro Isildur1, Scott “URnotINdanger2” Palmer was none too pleased with the outcome, going so far as to question the legitimacy of the game. Palmer dropped $175k to the team PokerStars Pro Isildur1 over the course of a 6 hour PLO session on PokerStars, and the following day Palmer was eager to discuss the match with some other opponents of the mysterious Swedish player.

Palmer first broached the subject of possible cheating by Isildur1/PokerStars with fellow high-stakes poker pro ‘KPederson’ –who also tangled with Isildur1 at PokerStars—in the Full Tilt Poker chat box; here is the exchange between the two:

URnotINdanger2: when u played isildur on stars
URnotINdanger2: did u notice anything wierd?
Kpederson: nah
Kpederson: such as?
URnotINdanger2: rather not say
URnotINdanger2: in public
Kpederson: ok well im on skype/aim

Later on in the day Palmer talked to another recent Isildur1 opponent Rui ‘PepperoniF’ Cao, where Palmer more blatantly accused Isildur1 of “godmoding” a reference to the Super-User scandal that rocked Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet a few years back, saying that Isildur1 folds when he has a hand and raises when he doesn’t.

Here is the entire conversation:

Rui Cao: do you have some stars to trade?
URnotINdanger2: did
URnotINdanger2: down abt 200k so not anymroe
Rui Cao: 🙁
URnotINdanger2: isildur godmoding
Rui Cao: me too
Rui Cao: lost like 180 today
Rui Cao: anyway
Rui Cao: gl
URnotINdanger2: 25/50?
URnotINdanger2: u2
Rui Cao: not against him only
Rui Cao: his like running like jesus
URnotINdanger2: ya
URnotINdanger2: everytime i have nothing he folds
URnotINdanger2: er
URnotINdanger2: he raises
URnotINdanger2: vice versa when i have anything
Rui Cao: hes so bad :p
Rui Cao: gl
URnotINdanger2: ya
URnotINdanger2: ty

It’s unclear what Palmer felt happened in the match that caused his suspicions to be raised, but one thing is for certain, allegations of this sort are not leveled every day, and are not thrown around by high-stakes players on a whim. Or, more likely, Palmer is still steaming from his losses, especially at the hands of the unorthodox Isildur1.

It would also be highly unlikely that PokerStars would allow one specific player to cheat –even more so when you factor in that Isildur1 is break-even at best—or that they would choose such a high-profile account that sees hundreds of railbirds per session to perpetuate such a scheme.

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