The Craziest Prop Bets That Poker Players Have Accepted In 2017

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Some poker pros have gained a reputation over the years of indulging in a crazy lifestyle that includes accepting weird and strange prop bets. That trend continued in 2017 as there were a number of strange prop bets accepted by poker players. We take a look at some of the craziest and most gimmicky prop bets that poker players have engaged in during 2017.

Quitting Poker Forever?

Poker player and sports bettor Mikia Anttonen put his career in poker on the line in 2017 in one of the weirdest prop bets ever made. In what’s otherwise a straightforward bankroll bet, he had until 2018 to turn €500 into €10,000 by playing multi-table tournaments online.

Anttonen has only 120 days to complete this prop bet. During 100 of those 120 days, he can only play poker. He should also stream at least 16 of those 120 days online. All the games he’s playing to win €10,000 must be multi-table tournaments.

If he fails, he will end up losing a sum of money that will put him into bankruptcy and it would also mean that he will have to quit playing poker forever.

Can You Eat $1,000 Worth of McDonald’s?

A poker pro by the name of Mike Noori recently took a prop bet Matt Savage, that he can eat $1,000 worth of McDonald’s within 36 hours. The bet was taken in May and Noori went on to fail miserably.  Noori would’ve won an estimated $200,000 given the 5-1 odds of his bet. Throughout the evening of his attempt, he posted updates on Twitter and Periscope. However, a few hours before his deadline, the poker player gave up and threw in the white flag after consuming just $95 worth of food.

Can Two Brothers Get Their Weight Within One Pound of Each Other?

Fund Manager Bill Perkins is a crazy prop bet veteran. In 2017, he wagered the Staples Brothers a $3,000 bet with a potential $150,000 payout. Matt and Jaime Staples were supposed to get their weight within a pound of each other within a year. The two Twitch poker streamers accepted the challenge, with the wager starting in March 2017. The brothers had until March 2018 to complete the bet. They began the contest with Matt weighing 134 pounds and Jaime weighing 305 pounds, which is a 171-pound size difference.

A Million To Lose Everything

Walter Fisher, a poker pro was in dire need of money when he took on a weight loss prop bet that changed his life in more ways than one. Once again, Bill Perkins was part of this prop bet along with Instagram king Dan Bilzerian: They both backed Fisher up.

This is a positive prop bet in the sense that Fisher had doctor’s orders to get his weight under control. He decided to bet $1 million, twice the amount of his career earnings in live tournaments, if he could reduce his body fat to 10 percent within half a year by working out daily. He eventually won and got his body fat down from 33 percent to 8.8 percent.

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