Daniel Negreanu Shares Disappointment With Seating Scripts In Rec

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When it comes to cheating in poker – is it easier to cheat in live poker events or online poker events. That will be an interesting debate as more complaints emerge from online poker players regarding shady practices being adopted. The latest poker pro to complain about a poor online poker experience is none other than Poker Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu.

Negreanu has become an institution in the poker industry, currently sitting at the top of the all-time money list with almost $36 million in career prize money. Although Negreanu continues to focus on the live tournament scene and play high and super high roller events in poker tournaments around the world, Negreanu still plays online poker from time to time considering the fact that he is a Team PokerStars Pro.

Daniel Negreanu

Negreanu Not Happy With Seated Scripts

Despite his worldwide fame and his ivory pedestal status in the poker world, Negreanu continues to study and hone his craft. Negreanu decided recently to play online poker and test some of the new tricks and strategies he picked up with his coaches. He logged into PokerStars and targeted $50/$100 six-max games and played two sessions that was around 500 hands.

Negreanu shared his online poker experience via a YouTube video and was not a happy camper as his online poker experience was spoiled by seating scripts that targeted him.  According to Negreanu, he chose to be seated at empty tables during both of his sessions. Although he expected to wait a few minutes for the tables to fill up, the other five seats were filled with regulars within a fraction of a second. He immediately realized that seated scripts were at work and that the sharks were targeting him.

Unfortunately for the would-be sharks, Negreanu turned the table on them and used his skill and experience to finish his session with $40,000 in his account. He also noted that as soon as he hit the sit out button, all the other players at the table quit within a second.

Seated Scripts Taking The Fun Out Of Online Poker

Negreanu shared at how disappointed he was with the online poker scene nowadays, where seat script users prey on recreational and new players to rake more money. Poker sharks use seated scripts to target new and unsuspecting players and play at their table so they can win money easily.

Negreanu is not the only poker pro who has been turned off by seated scripts. Joe Ingram also called on PokerStars to act on the problem immediately to prevent recreational players from being exploited and getting turned off from the game.

In a statement, Ingram said “It’s just sad, it really is…Ban these parasitical guys who do nothing but bumhunt, seat script, and instantly sit out. Get them out. Find a way to incentivize and reward those players who are willing to play.”

PokerStars have started experimenting with a system to target these bumhunters and seat scripters in 2017 when they launched the Seat Me system in Spain. The system has been through several fine-tunings and Negreanu hopes that the system can soon be implemented for all countries.

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