DogisHead and jungleman FINALLY come clean

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Sometimes you forget that the principles involved in this case were 22, 21, and 20 respectively, but if something along the lines of Haseeb Qureshi’s latest 2+2 post/confession –along with the subsequent reply by jungleman—were posted last Sunday this story would have had a much happier ending, and spent far less time being picked apart by the poker community.

Here is Qureshi’s latest post, as well as the reply a little farther down on the first page by jungleman: Summary of Girah Scandal by DogisHead. While it’s doubtful that this is the whole story, it does seem the principles have decided to start coming clean about their transgressions.

If this was all posted last Sunday night Qureshi would still be a Cardrunners Pro, jungleman’s rep would be virtually intact, Macedo would bear the brunt of most of the poker world’s outrage, and the two of them –Qureshi and Cates, would eventually be mentioned as the model for how to handle a situation like this.

Instead, Macedo has been basically overlooked since the early stages of the investigation, and every word uttered by Qureshi and Cates is now viewed under a microscope; picked apart and dissected by a hundred different people all holding their own preconceived notions of what occurred.

After a week of interrogations, speculation, and admissions we seem to have a pretty good understanding of what occurred, even if all of the loose ends are not tied up perfectly. The most logical conclusions I can draw are that Cates and Qureshi are both guilty of numerous online poker infractions, from breaking unwritten rules to violating the terms and conditions of online poker sites by breaking a number of unenforceable rules –they are basically like baseball players who get caught doping; a lot of others are doing it too, but if you are stupid enough to get caught you have to take your lumps financially and in the public eye. BUT, as long as you keep your nose clean from here on out you’ll be allowed back into the community; just don’t expect open arms and pats on the back.

As far as Macedo is concerned, he not only cheated at poker, he did so in a very illegal way. Everything about his story has amounted to fraud. Unlike a baseball player doping, Macedo was bribing umpires and other players to throw games. Macedo’s professional poker career is over –if he ever had one—although you’ll probably see him anonymously playing in some $500 NLHE games five years from now.

Hopefully what we have all learned is that if you do something wrong, just come clean about it. You take your lumps, and you move on, hopefully having learned from the process.

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