Durrrr challenges Isuldur1 to high-stakes poker match in London

Posted by Gerry Poltorak on Nov 14, 2009 Posted in Poker News | 1 Comment »

tom-dwanThe heads-up online poker matches between Full Tilt Poker pro Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan, and ‘Isildur1’ has had the poker world scrambling to the Full Tilt Poker tables to catch a glimpse of the action. The two high-stakes players have been tangling almost exclusively with each other, and it has been the unknown player ‘Isildur1’ who has come out on top: To the tune of $3 million!

Despite the heavy losses, apparently ‘durrrr’ is not ready to quit ‘Isuldur1’ just yet. On his way to London for a series of $500,000 buy-in challenge matches, Dwan let it be known he would like to see ‘Isuldur1’ take part in these matches as well. Perhaps Dwan is of the assumption his online nemesis will not fare as well heads-up; or perhaps he would like to pit a name to the Full Tilt avatar –which may help him solve the riddle of ‘Isuldur1’s’ play at the poker tables.

Whether ‘Isildur1’ accepts the offer to fly to London or not, the London trip should generate some ultra-high-stakes poker games and plenty of buzz in the poker world.

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One Response to “Durrrr challenges Isuldur1 to high-stakes poker match in London”

  1. Kita says:

    Too bad isildur was a short term and went busto… It was really exciting to watch their HU matches on full tilt 🙂

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