Dwan in Profit as Brunson Falls Short

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tom dwan against doyle brunson

Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan has had a great year for poker so far, with the young professional recovering from his losses against phantom Full Tilt Poker player ‘Isildur1’.

The young professional poker player joined into this seasons High Stakes Poker, a televised high stake cash game which pulls in some of the biggest names in the poker industry.

A victory against Israeli professional Eli Elezra meant that Dwan was able to replicate his recent form and end the session within the black, where as a number of the other large name professional poker players have been walking away from the season licking their wounds.

Although Tom Dwan ended the session in profit overall, he ended the season with a poor hand placement against Daniel Negreanu, miss placing the player on a missed straight while the Canadian was holding top pair. Not a player to hide away from his mistakes, Dwan said “I guess my call was terrible then” after Negreanu turned over his cards to reveal a winning hand.

No stranger to high stakes poker games, Doyle Brunson headed into the game and thought that he was going to be able to replicate his successes over previous years but was shocked to find that the cards simply weren’t running in his favor.

The main hand for Brunson came as the poker legend tried to make a bluff player against Lex Veldhuis, his opponent placed the poker legend on either nothing or a straight after the river cards were in play and decided that he would call a $60,000 raise on the basis that Brunson was bluffing.

Veldhuis then turned over a pair of two’s and Brunson had nothing to say other than “wow”, proving that he thought that his opponent should have laid his hand down. Daniel Negreanu then passed comment on the hand that had just played out, telling Brunson not to bluff against Veldhuis, believed to be aimed towards the saying ‘You can’t bluff a poor poker player’.

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