Final Table set in GDAM Asia Millions tournament

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APPT Macau Summer FestivalIt was a foregone conclusion that there would be a very long day at the poker tables on Thursday with some 2/3 of the field still in the mix heading into Day 2 of the PokerStars GuanDong Asia Millions tournament taking place in Macau. Sure enough, the tournament would test the stamina of the remaining players as 51 players had to be whittled down to just eight, and by the end of the day the blinds had reached a point where players with 20 Big Blinds were considered “deep”.

Leading the way into Friday’s final table will be Sorel Mizzi, who is sitting on 28 million chips, but with the blinds at 500,000/1,000,000 he has a mere 28 Big Blinds in his stack. One of the reasons for the incredibly high blinds was the astronomical money-bubble the tournament had: The 9th place finisher would receive $0 (essentially a loss of $130,000-$390,000 depending on how many bullets the player fired on Day 1) while 8th place was worth roughly $750,000! With a money-bubble of near $1,000,000 (in the history of tournament poker only The Big One for One Drop at last year’s WSOP had a larger money bubble) by the time the tournament stayed at hand-for-hand play for quite some time, and 9th place finisher (the unluckiest man in Macau) Rono Lo let himself be blinded down to a single Big Blind before getting it all-in –and running into Aces to boot. Lo seemed to be in over his head throughout the day, but put up a valiant fight against his more-skilled opponents, and nearly cashed in the tournament.

Considering the pressure the blinds will put on the remaining players tomorrow’s final table will likely be an all-in fest with the winner of the $4.5 million first-place prize likely needing to rely more on luck than skill at this point in the event. You can watch the live stream of the final table tomorrow at the following link:

Here is a look at the final table chip-counts and seating assignments from the tournament:

* Seat 1: Igor Kurganov — 18,400,000

* Seat 2: Pratyush Budigga — 13,075,000

* Seat 3: Jeff Rossiter — 12,825,000

* Seat 4: Anson Tsang — 5,750,000

* Seat 5: Sorel Mizzi — 28,300,000

* Seat 6: Niklas Heinecker — 15,275,000

* Seat 7: Isaac Haxton — 7,075,000

* Seat 8: Zheng Tang — 24,300,000

And here is a look at the final table payouts for the event:

* 1st place – $34,600,000 HKD ($4,464,516 USD)

* 2nd place – $24,500,000 ($3,161,290)

* 3rd place – $16,100,000 ($2,077,419)

* 4th place – $12,525,000 ($1,616,129)

* 5th place – $10,200,000 ($1,316,129)

* 6th place – $8,300,000 ($1,070,968)

* 7th place – $7,150,000 ($922,581)

* 8th place – $6,000,000 ($774,194)




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