Girah scandal takes shocking turn as Virus uncovered

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It appears that the initially reported high-stakes scam perpetrated by Jose “Girah” Macedo is far from reaching its final chapter. After shocking revelations by Haseeb Qureshi yesterday, and as the poker community eagerly awaits a transcription of a second interview of Daniel “jungleman12” Cates –this time performed by the tag-team of NoahSD and Vanessa Selbst—which is being delayed because Cates “lied” in the interview and wants to clear up the matter, an even more troubling development has come to light.

It appears that Macedo (EDIT: It’s possible Macedo was hacked and this new scam was perpetrated by other scammers) has been trying to get people to download a Trojan virus from a fake TeamViewer site (TeamViewer is used by poekr players to watch each other play during coaching sessions), and is using his repayment of the previously scammed money to try to accomplish this feat! The chatlog below was provided by 2+2’s Kjemmy –one of the original victims of Macedo’s hole-carding scam. You can see where Macedo persistently tries to get the Sergey to download the Trojan virus on the premise of looking at the financials regarding his repayment:

22:14:51] Sergey xxxx: Sergey xxxx has shared contact details with jose.macedo10.

[22:15:30] jose.macedo10: Hi Sergey

[22:16:37] jose.macedo10: hey i will do the bank transfer i just saw the details

[22:16:39] jose.macedo10: But I think i might owe you more

[22:16:52] jose.macedo10: can you connect to teamviewer and check these stats out? I might be wrong

[22:17:02] jose.macedo10: I have it up to 22 k , but please lets double check

[22:17:26] Sergey xxxxx: well i wont let you connect to teamviewer anymore

[22:17:34] Sergey xxxxx: i wrote down what i think u owe me

[22:17:45] jose.macedo10: no but you can connect to me i mean

[22:17:53] jose.macedo10: check out my teamviewer

[22:18:04] Sergey xxxxx: that i can do

[22:18:48] jose.macedo10: ok please do, please use and you can save the screenshots and check for yourself I am trying to tell you I owe you 22.000 instead of what you claim but I could be wrong

[22:18:49] jose.macedo10: here is my ID

[22:19:02] jose.macedo10: xxx xxx xxx

[22:19:07] jose.macedo10: xxxx

[22:19:44] Sergey xxxxx: it says that the id doesnt exist

[22:20:00] jose.macedo10: What version of TV are you using ?

[22:20:47] Sergey xxxxx: well since we had a conection about a week ago last time

[22:20:49] Sergey xxxxx: it should work

[22:21:04] Sergey xxxxx: 6.0.10xxxx

[22:21:04] jose.macedo10: I broke my computer after all of this

[22:21:19] Sergey xxxxx: what version do u have?

[22:21:26] jose.macedo10: I am on a mac now

[22:21:31] jose.macedo10: if you connect from pc to mac get

[22:22:12] Sergey xxxxx: this is kinda silly

[22:22:20] Sergey xxxx: i need to get teamviewerpro?

[22:22:27] jose.macedo10: Yes if you have pc connecting to mac

[22:22:29] Sergey xxxxx: so basically u say that u might own me more

[22:22:42] jose.macedo10: yes but i wanna show you maybe i don’t i want right to be right

[22:22:52] Sergey xxxx: all i want is my 14.772

[22:22:54] jose.macedo10: just get it and connect and see, if you dont want to sure i send you the 14 k

[22:23:02] Sergey xxxxx: if u think you owe me more you can transfer it

[22:23:08] jose.macedo10: ok done, but I really think I owe you more

[22:23:20] jose.macedo10: but CANT you just take a look see if those are your SN or someone else was playing?

[22:23:25] jose.macedo10: I am not sure i have alot of histories in my HEM

[22:23:51] Sergey xxxxxx: well my screenname is xxxxxx

[22:24:00] Sergey xxxxx: and considering ur switching computers

[22:24:18] jose.macedo10: I broke my laptop , threw it in the wall

[22:24:19] Sergey xxxxx: how will it be possible for you to import hh to all of them,

[22:24:27] jose.macedo10: I have backups of DB in my email

[22:24:32] Sergey xxxxx: just send me the money i asked for

[22:24:32] jose.macedo10: automaticly emails me every session

[22:24:40] jose.macedo10: OK np

[22:24:42] Sergey xxxxx: if u think u want to compensate my or mdmas time

[22:24:50] Sergey xxxxxx: u can do that

[22:25:09] Sergey xxxxxx: since i lost tons of time because of that ****

[22:25:12] Sergey xxxxxxx: as did mdma

[22:25:18] Sergey xxxxxx: but thats up to you

[22:25:27] Sergey xxxxxx: as soon as i get the money ill post in the thread

[22:25:29] jose.macedo10: ill send you the money you asked for

[22:25:30] jose.macedo10: Sure

[22:25:34] Sergey xxxxxxx: and tell everyone that all is good

[22:25:38] jose.macedo10: gl to you and sorry again

[22:25:45] jose.macedo10: i feel so ashamed over all of this

[22:25:46] Sergey xxxxx: ok when u gonna send it?

[22:25:52] jose.macedo10: tomorrow

[22:25:56] jose.macedo10: bank is probably closed now

[22:26:03] Sergey xxxxxxxx: ok

[22:26:12] Sergey xxxxxx: will you be availiavle on this skype name?

[22:27:01] Sergey xxxxxxx: also let me give you my mobile

[22:27:06] Sergey xxxxxxx: cause i tried calling you

[22:27:09] Sergey xxxxxxx: without success

[22:27:10] jose.macedo10: yes

[22:27:13] jose.macedo10: lets do skype

[22:27:22] Sergey xxxxxxx: +xxxxxxxxxxxx

[22:27:25] jose.macedo10: right now idont feel to good an dembaressed to call you

[22:27:28] jose.macedo10: but if emergency i will

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One Response to “Girah scandal takes shocking turn as Virus uncovered”

  1. Phil says:

    100% scamartist.
    I bet this was how he made all his money.

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