Haseeb Qureshi comes clean regarding Girah scandal

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Hours after a very vanilla interview with his travelling companion, Daniel “jungleman12” Cates, was posted on BLUFF Magazine, Haseeb “DogisHead” Qureshi had his own BLUFF interview land on the Internet, and unlike the jungleman12 interview, Qureshi’s interview had an admission of guilt, and also opened the door to even more questions regarding his relationship with Jose “Girah” Macedo by the poker community.

Additionally, unlike the softball questions that were lobbed in Daniel Cates direction, BLUFF didn’t pull many punches with Qureshi, and even added in a lot of the back-story which painted Qureshi in a very unflattering light.

The big bombshell in the interview was Qureshi’s admission of chip-dumping during the BLUFF Pro Challenge, which he finally opened up about:

I must confess that I am the owner of the “samchauhan” account on Merge..I was involved in staking Jose, as you already know, and we had to get some way to get about $100k to him. He already had some money of his own on Lock, and we agreed to let him use that initial money as his default stake money for the first few weeks. We didn’t want to wire him money directly to his bank account, so we decided to try to transfer it to him on LockPoker where he needed money anyway.

So, I made the account “samchauhan” and put $100k on there, but I wasn’t able to transfer substantial funds to him. Jose told us that the best way to do this quickly (we had been taking a while to get him money as the stake had already been agreed on for over a month but we were slow and lazy to get it organized) was to just chip dump. I said ‘alright, fine,’ and although I knew that getting seen winning $100k from some random account would make girah look good, I also knew Merge isn’t tracked, so it wouldn’t be a big deal and we needed to get him the stake money. So I dumped him the money on Lock using the account “samchauhan”.

Qureshi’s interview was instantly picked apart by the 2+2 poker forum with many in the community finding glaring inconsistencies and illogical answers by Qureshi. Here is a look at a couple of the more conflicting answers given by Qureshi:

BLUFF: Did you ever act as Jose’s agent?

Haseeb Qureshi: No, not as far as I understood it. Jose had an agent, Jim Erwood from PokerRoyalty, and I always encouraged Jose to work with his agent where appropriate and ask his advice. I was certainly Jose’s advisor and helped him a lot with his career, but I never tried to negotiate deals or sponsorships for him or anything like that, which, to me, is what an agent does.

I didn’t get him interviews, speak to poker sites, etc. None of that stuff I had the capacity or expertise to do. So no, I have never claimed to be Jose’s agent and I certainly wasn’t, but I did advise him in his career and help him in writing things.

BLUFF: Why are there emails from you, where you explicitly state “I am acting as Jose’s agent”?

Haseeb Qureshi: Oh, okay, I misspoke…

And a second inconsistency pointed out by NoahSD on 2+2: “I also like how Haseeb doesn’t see any reason to create a new account when he wants to play poker, so he just uses Jose’s account. But, when he wants to put money into Jose’s account, he decides to create a new account.”

You can read the entire interview with Haseeb Qureshi at BLUFF Magazine

Qureshi later released a blog post at Cardrunners where he announced he would be leaving the poker world, and tried one last time to downplay his role in the fiasco, as well as to possibly find forgiveness. You can read the blog post at Cardrunners.com

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