Hidden Headlines: Poker is Dead, Negreanu rant and more

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Poker News BoyWith all of the talk surrounding the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker deal (yeah it’s that big a story a week later) here is a look at some of the more hidden headlines coming out of the poker world over the past couple of weeks.

New E-Book about poker curiously titled Poker is Dead

Poker Is Dead: Why You Must Quit and What to Do With Your Life After

“Poker has become a losing proposition. If you are still playing, you must quit. For many reasons. Contemporary poker stinks big time. The games have become virtually unbeatable as participants have become more and more proficient. The rake eats away at the money moving back and forth between equally skilled players, making greedy poker sites rich and likely leaving you profitless.

“As your EV goes down, poker damages your emotional and physical wellbeing. Most players turn into unhealthy, unhappy and broke neurotics. Even worse, the future of poker is completely uncertain. You are wasting your time and energy. You are wasting your life.”

The book explores why you must quit… and what to do with your life after.

I nearly purchased this book based solely on the witty title and summary, but the $4.99 price tag for 35 pages made me feel like a sucker, so I held off. I’m sure Author Eric Dale will eventually part the $4.99 Kindle price from my wallet, but right now Poker is Dead will simply sit as a sample on my Kindle until I can get around to it..

Negreanu’s Weekly Rants are back!

After a WSOP Hiatus, Daniel Negreanu returned this past week with another weekly rant, touching on a number of topics including his dreadful WSOP run.

Tiffany Michele to host Arizona State Poker Championship

“RENOWNED” Poker Professional Tiffany Michele was apparently the host of the $1,000,000 Arizona State Poker Championship Main Event according to a press release. The tournament will be wrapping up tomorrow at the Talking Stick Resort, and the addition of Michele (known for her Last Woman Standing run in the WSOP Main Event a few years ago, and now for reality TV appearances) had Kent Odekirk, director of poker at Talking Stick Resort, gushing:

“The Arizona State Poker Championship is one of Talking Stick Resort’s biggest events, and this year we expect it to be even better, with the addition of Tiffany Michelle as our official host. As one of poker’s most prominent figures, she will truly add a new level of excitement and will be on hand to interview players before and after the tournament.”

If you want to hear more about the “Prominent, Renowned” tiffany Michele you can read the entire press release here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/renowned-poker-professional-and-tv-personality-tiffany-michelle-to-host-8th-annual-arizona-state-poker-championship-finals-165154016.html


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