High Stakes Hybrid – “Poker After Dark”

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The High Stakes Hybrid cash game that was held on ‘Poker after Dark’ took place across two days this past week. Day one of the tournament was held on Tuesday and got off to a slow start with only one of the starting seven players being eliminated. However, Day 2 which occurred the next day on the Wednesday, was a different story, Jason Koon said early on, “There’s gonna be some blood today,” and right he was.

Day 2 (Wednesday) was available for the public to watch as it was streamed live on PokerGO. It seen the return of Doug Polk, Jason Koon, Mike Baxter, Brian Rast, Dan Shak and Brandon Stevens.

A new format was put into place where players buy in for $100,000, and blind bets start at $200/$400, that then increased three times every ninety minutes, during the session, which then subsequently ended at $600/$1,200. What made this game different was that the players were unable to re-buy or add on.

Dan Shak was the first man to go down in the game, which was a shock as he won big on Day 1, unfortunately for him lightning did not strike twice. Shak’s first blow came from Baxter, which was then followed with another hit from Polk.

Polk was doing well in the first few games having gotten the best of Shak and Baxter, however this was short lived as Jason Koon began his venture to the top. After having done very averagely in the first few games of the tournament in day 2, the game started to go Koons way. At one stage, in the big blind, Koon raised to $2500 with a pair of 8s (S,H), this prompted Polk to put all in for $28,000, Koon then called for his remaining stack and had Polk on the ropes. This put Polk in an uncomfortable situation, but the 10(S) – 7(S) – J(H) he drew allowed him to take the lead with the set, however the next card was an 8(D) which acted in Koons favour as it gave him a bigger set, this was then followed by a 6(H) to complete the board and gave Koon the double up.

These two competitors ended up going head to head again at the end of the tournament, a set-up hand developed in the final hand of the day, blinds were now at $600/$1200 and both men had two big stacks. Polk made the first big move when he raised to $3000 with a pair of Qs (D, C) which prompted Koon to raise further to $13,200 from the small blind. Polk then four-bet to $38k and Koon called it, both players had about $150k behind, Koon had a small amount more than Polk. The flop came and showed 9(C)-3(D)-2(D), Koon seen it and checked and Polk then continued for $23,000, it didn’t take long for Koon to push all in and Polk soon followed, however he then seen Koon’s aces to his dismay.

9(D) showed on the first board which allowed Polk a bit of hope and he wished for another diamond but it didn’t come. His hope was then brought back on the second turn with K(D), this was followed by 3(H) which finished Polk for the day however.

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