Ilari Sahamies wins largest pot in PokerStars history

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With Full Tilt Poker shut-down since late June, the nosebleed action at the online poker tables has switched to PokerStars, where many Full Tilt Poker castaways have found a new home playing against familiar foes and some new faces. Amongst the big winners at the PokerStars tables have been Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond, and Ilari “Ilari_Fin” Sahamies.

Sahamies has been on an amazing tear despite a $1.4 million setback a few weeks ago, with part of those losses offset by a recent $421,826 pot the Fin won against “Bernard-bb” and Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen; the pot going down as the largest ever won at PokerStars!

Most of the profit from the massive pot came from the stack of “Bernard-bb” who made a massive $90,000 check-raise on the river after Torbergsen moved all-in for a little over $10,000, only to get re-raised by Sahamies and find out the bad news that his Aces up on a K-2-3-9-3 with three hearts were way behind Sahamies Ace-high flush.

A little later on in the proceedings Sahamies would scoop the second largest pot in PokerStars when a $283,102 pot was shipped his way after hitting his wrap-straight draw on the turn and avoiding the larger wrap straight draw and flush draw of “scoutiesf”.

The wins gave Sahamies a weekly profit of over $500k according to (which tracks all of the high-stakes tables across a number of online poker sites) and has the Fin firmly in the black for the year once again.

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