Irish Poker Open, Day 1 Live Updates

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20:30 Stevie Devlin is out

One of the favourites for the tournament and PNB favourite AllinStevie has just busted out in a strange hand.

After a few limpers Stevie completes from the small blind with 6-9 and big blind checks. Flop brings 3-5-7, giving Stevie a double gutshot. Stevie bets out and gets one caller. The turn brings a 4, to give Stevie the straight. He bets out again, and again one of the limpers call. The river brings a 6, to put a straight on the board. Stevie shoves trying to take the guy off the split pot, but his opponent calls showing 5-8 to river the higher straight.

20:00 Brief Update

Half the players are now going for an hour lunch, and the remaining players will go for theirs once the first batch return.

There is now 560 poker players left and the remaining players not on break are playing with blinds 150-300. The average chip stake is 12,800.

Don’t forget about the Irish Open live stream that you can follow.

19:00 Marty Smyth Out

When the Irish Open started, Irelands own Marty Smyth would have been one of the favourites to win. Unfortunitly when he got his straight in against top trips on the turn, the river wasn’t kind and paired the board giving his opponent the full house.

Remember to Vote Marty in this years WSOP Tournament of Champions to get him included in the tournament.

18:00 Players break for 20 mins and Im going for dinner

Players are now on a break for 20 mins, and while their away I’m going for dinner. See you in a hour.

But here is some chip counts before I go.

Jen Mason 23k

Donnacha O’Dea 13k

Thomas Finneran 12.5k

Sorel Mizzi 10.5k

Neil Channing (2008 IO Champion) 12k

Victoria Coren 10k

Bobby Willis 10k

Joe Rafferty 10k

Roland de Wolfe (2007 IO Runner-Up) 15k

Stevie Devlin 9k

Chris Moorman 8k

Rob Taylor 9.5k

Christer Johansson (2009 IO Champion) 4.7k

Barney Boatman 10k

Liam Flood  7k

Andy Black 10k

Jamel Maistreaux 13k

Teddy Sheringham 2k

Julian Thew 12k

Dan Harrington 2k

I’ll try and get some more later when I get back and if their is any player in particular your looking just ask in the comment box at the bottom and I’ll try and find out.

17:30 Players dropping fast

Thats us reach the 2 hour mark and already we have lost over 30 players. However, its still to busy to find out whos went out and whos left in. But as the day goes on I’ll make sure you get that info.

Also don’t forget you can watch all the action from the Irish Open on the Live Stream.

17:00 11 down 696 to go

After a total of 90 minutes of play at the Irish Open we have lost a total of 11 players, and level 2 has just began.

Theres still to much happening around and to many players to get all the info on who has went out and to keep track of all the players chip counts. But as soon as players start to go out and we get info on chip stacks I’ll get the info straight to you.

16:00 Two Players Down

After half an hour from the start of the Irish Open and we have already lost our first 2 players. David Pishvafar and Tim Flanders where the first to players to leave the Irish Open, unfortunitly I wasn’t able to find out which first or exactly how it happened.

So now according to the screens we are down to 702 and blinds are still 25/50.

15:30 Shuffle up and Deal

The infamous words of “Shuffle Up and Deal” have been said by Paddy Power himself and the players have now begun and all you can hear in the giant room currently holding over 700 players is the sound of players shuffling there chips.

Every known poker player from the UK, Ireland and Europe has seemed to have turned up for the Irish Open all looking to win the main prize.

The current prize pool is at 2,260,000 euro and is still increasing as players are still lining up to register.

15:10  Build Up

The Irish Open is about to start and all the tournament staff, dealers, TV Crew and media are running about trying to get set up before the expected kick off time of 15:30. Only in Ireland do tournaments take into consideration sobbering up time before a tournament.

Most of the big named players that where expecting to turn up have, with the likes of Chris Moorman, Kara Scott, Neil Channing and Marty Smyth already here. You also have Jesse May looking sharp, in his purple suit jacket and pink shirt, getting ready to begin the commentary.

Paddy Power have really pulled out all the stops for this, and there is no way you can mistake this tournament for anything other than the Irish Open, with green, white and gold everywhere.

Remember you can follow all the action on the Irish Open Live Stream.

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4 Responses to “Irish Poker Open, Day 1 Live Updates”

  1. Adrian McCarthy says:

    Any update on Bobby Willis and also John O’Shea?

  2. I couldnt find Bobby Willis, but John O’Shea is gone.

  3. joe mchugh says:

    Hi 🙂
    could ya update chip counts for Danny McHugh please 🙂

  4. jason says:

    hows calvin anderson doing

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