Isildur1 gets the better of Tony G in Superstar Showdown

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In the second matchup of PokerStars’ newly minted Superstar Showdown it was Tony G, the brash outspoken Party Poker spokesman, who would be taking on Isildur1 in a 2,500-hand challenge match, and in the end it was the Swedish Mystery Man who would come out victorious.

The 2,500 hand match is played across 4-tables, and Tony G and Isildur1 took the non-traditional route of playing two tables of No Limit Holdem and two tables of PLO at the same time. Further complicating matters was the fact the Tony G is really not an online poker player by trade, and had trouble keeping up with the speed of the match’s four heads-up tables –according to the PokerStars blog Tony G timed out quite a bit during the battle.

Unlike Isildur1’s battle against the more analytical Isaac Haxton in the first Superstar Showdown, the action was fast and furious against Tony G. Within the first half hour of the match the two players had already been in five all-in confrontations, with plenty more to come.

In the early going it was Tony G getting the better of Isildur1, and after 562 hands he had turned a $47,000 profit, which is when the table talk started:

Tony G: u feeling ok my man
Tony G: u getting owned by a total donk old man
Tony G: start pressing sme all in buttons boy
Tony G: are you even
Tony G: are you COMI to this

After a huge all-in that put Tony up over $60,000 his trash-talk kicked up another notch:

Tony G: LOL
Tony G: u donk
Tony G: get a hand
Tony G: ure a farse
Tony G: ty here ges another bank rlll down the drain
Tony G: LL
Tony G: i control u like a baby

Unfortunately for Tony this is when the match shifted in Isildur1’s favor, who at one point took a nearly $80,000 lead before Tony was able to cut his losses towards the end of the battle, and with less than 200 hands to go the match was virtually even. By the end of the duel Isildur1 had erased his losses to Haxton (some $41,000) and relieved Tony G of $44,280.

It seemed Tony G was not impressed with the rules of the Superstar Showdown –although precisely what he didn’t care for was a bit unclear in his chat-box rantings—but it seems to have revolved around the rule that stipulates each table is to be played for 625 hands and then closes.

In the end the outspoken Tony only had this to say:

Tony G: I have been humilated
Tony G: well done
Tony G: let me go and look for my bike

Results and play-by-play details for the match are courtesy of the PokerStars blog written by Change100.

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