IveyPoker.com acquires training site Leggo Poker

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ivey pokerFor months the poker community has been wondering what on earth is going on at IveyPoker.com? Why is the site amassing dozens of sponsored poker players? What precisely is the site going to offer? Well, this week we finally got a peek behind the curtain and have seen what direction Ivey Poker is going in.

Over its first few months IveyPoker.com was little more than a landing page with an ever-growing roster of sponsored players. First the site had only a handful of sponsored players like Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harmon, Patrik Antonius, and Greg Merson, but new players have been added virtually every week, and the IveyPoker.com roster is one of the most impressive in poker:

1. Phil Ivey – USA

2. Patrik Antonius – Finland

3. Jennifer Harman – USA

4. Greg Merson – USA

5. Cole South – USA

6. James Dempsey – UK

7. Josh Brikis – USA

8. Jonathan Tamayo – USA

9. Gillian Epp – Canada

10. Matt Giannetti – USA

11. John Eames – UK

12. David Peters – USA

13. Balazs Botond – Hungary

14. Mike Leah – Canada

15. Matias Gabrenja — Argentina

16. Justin Pechie — USA

17. Alex Bolotin — USA

18. Dan Shak – USA

19. Christian Harder – USA

20. Jackie Glazier – Australia

21. Griffin Benger – USA

22. Ronnie Bardah – USA

23. Kevin Vandersmissen – Belgium

24. Matthew Frankland – UK

25. Dan Smith – USA

26. Andrew Lichtenberger — USA

27. Aaron Jones – USA

28. Jon Jaffe – USA

29. Christina Lindley – USA

This week IveyPoker.com made an even bolder move, acquiring the online poker training site Leggo Poker, which will be rebranded as Ivey League. Ivey League will feature the current content found on the site, and Leggo Poker coaches will stay on and keep producing content for Ivey League, in addition to sponsored pros from IveyPoker.com creating training videos for the site.

According to the press release announcing the acquisition of Leggo Poker IveyPoker is preparing for the launch of a social media and mobile online poker room as well. It appears the site launch as a freeplay online poker room while Ivey League will continue to be a subscription-based online poker training site.

Here is a look at the press release announcing Ivey Poker’s acquisition of Leggo Poker:

February 6, 2013, Las Vegas, NV – IveyPoker today announced the acquisition of LeggoPoker, a community-based website focused on teaching poker strategy through instructional videos from professional experts.  Founded by Phil Ivey, IveyPoker offers a suite of innovative poker products and services designed to both entertain and educate poker players of all levels.  The acquisition of LeggoPoker will serve as the foundation for a new IveyPoker product offering called Ivey League – a subscription-based poker teaching site featuring training videos and content from Team Ivey, a network of the world’s best professional poker players.

Building off of LeggoPoker’s well established and reputable poker training site, Ivey League will be the most effective way to improve one’s poker game by offering detailed, individualized instruction from world-class coaches who are invested in making better poker players.  LeggoPoker’s team of highly skilled instructors, including Aaron Jones, Dan Smith, and Andrew Lichtenberger, will expand to include members of Team Ivey.

“In my opinion, LeggoPoker is one of the best teaching sites on the market,” said Phil Ivey. “They are a great match with IveyPoker and together we will offer a top-notch educational poker destination in Ivey League.”

Ivey League is the next logical step for players after they’ve received initial instruction from the IveyPoker app, the highly anticipated and soon to be launched free-to-play social and mobile poker game.  Designed by Phil Ivey, the IveyPoker app offers a unique poker experience designed to both entertain and educate.


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