June release targeted for UltimateBeat Documentary

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team ubIn August of 2012 we first brought you news about a pending documentary film regarding the Ultimate Bet Super-User Cheating Scandal, titled UltimateBeat: too much to lose. The project is being overseen by Ultimate Bet investigator Scott “ElevenGrover” Bell, and is being released by DoubleHead Pictures. Fortunately for Bell the project managed to raise enough funds via KickStarter to move forward, but as is usually the case this is precisely when the proverbial wheels fell off, but it now appears that everything is back on track, and Bell is now shooting for a June release date according to recent update.

Read our interview with Scott Bell here: https://pokernewsboy.com/online-poker-news/scott-bell-talks-about-forthcoming-ultimate-bet-documentary/12856

One of the side stories in this whole process has been the longstanding feud between Bell and another Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker investigator Haley Hintze, which has apparently percolated once again with the imminent release of Bell’s documentary. In his latest update post on KickStarter Scott Bell talks about recent information he is working into the film as well as his thoughts on the motivations of Travis Makar, who has recently resurfaced with more insider documents and files from Ultimate Bet.

Bell also discuses attempts to derail the project and threatened lawsuits in an effort to “Slime our project,” as Bell puts it. While Bell doesn’t name the person he is referring to (using only the pronoun “she”), it is all to clear that he is talking about Haley Hintze in his latest update, implying that Haley Hintze is leading the charge against the documentary and trying to besmirch the documentary and the people working on it.

Some of the animosity seems to revolve around who bears the most blame for the cheating that occurred at the two sites (Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet) back in the mid 2000’s. The role of two central figures, Carolyn Heick and Travis Makar, being the tipping point, with Bell believing them to be integrally involved while Haley Hintze believes them to be more bystanders (this is my reading of the assumptions mind you and not the words of either Bell or Hintze).

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of UltimateBeat.



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