Lock Poker pursuing legal action against Jose Macedo

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It appears that the “Girah” scandal that has captivated the poker world still has a little bit of air in its lungs, with the latest addition to the litany of headline grabbing twists and turns being that Lock Poker will be pursuing legal action against Jose “Girah” Macedo.

The news came via a long-awaited post on 2+2 from Lock Poker, and was issued by Lock Poker Cardroom Manager and poker pro Eric “Rizen” Lynch. Lynch posted a short “official” statement and then a few follow-up posts in order to clear up any misconceptions. Here is a look at the official statement and the pertinent follow-up post by Lynch:

Official Statement from Lock Poker:

“Lock is currently pursuing legal action against Jose so we are unable to make a substantial comment at this time. We do realize that ongoing silence can lead to people jumping to conclusions. What happened goes against the very core of our player based philosophy and we intend on exercising our legal rights in the most severe degree. We will keep you updated as things progress”

Follow-up #1:

“It’s being filed in the near future, once it is the details of what exactly the purpose is will become clearer. There is still some due diligence that must be done first, but I advised it would be better to comment as best we could for now rather than stay silent.

“I was VERY clear with Lock before we released this statement that it was a bad idea unless we were actually committed to pursuing legal action, otherwise it would just look like an attempt to avoid commenting.

“I cannot control how the community decides to react to things, and given the nature and history of online poker over the last 4-5 years I certainly don’t blame people for taking anything that goes on with a heavy dose of cynicism.

“If a reasonable amount of time goes by and there are no updates and no filings then I fully expect the community to call us out on it. I think if history has taught us anything about the 2+2 community, it’s that hoping they forget about things or let them go is a bad strategy.”


In the end it looks as if Lock Poker was caught as off-guard as the rest of the poker world, and has been doing their due diligence to get to the bottom of Macedo’s actions on the site. Actions that appear to have been substantial enough, and have left enough of a paper trail behind for Lock Poker to file charges.

It will be interesting to see what type of legal action Lock Poker takes, and what type of precedent this may set for future dealings with online poker cheaters and scammers. Many in the poker community have been calling for Jose to face criminal charges due to the fact that his crime was one of outright fraud and stealing, and not an instance of a player breaking an unwritten rule or violating the terms and conditions of a loosely regulated online poker room.

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