Martin Finger and Jonathan Duhamel fight at PCA party

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I suppose if I was beaten and tied-up in my house, and over the course of the next few weeks won over $1.2 million I might go out looking for trouble –trying to replicate my beat-down run-good—which is precisely what Jonathan Duhamel seems to have done after a second place finish in the PCA High-Roller tournament – although we still haven’t gotten Duhamel’s version of events and considering Martin Finger’s “reputation” I’ll reserve judgment on who was at fault for the following incident.

According to an AIM log by German poker pro Martin Finger that appeared on the 2+2 poker forum, he and Duhamel exchanged some words during Duhamel’s celebratory night out. Here is a look at a rough translation by a dedicated 2+2 member of the conversation:

Piggybank: wus up

Piggybank: wanna hear a sick story

PlauZee: sure

Piggybank: players party

Piggybank: i’m drunken

Piggybank: duhamel is drunken

Piggybank: he started talking trash

Piggybank: i was thrown out of the club

Piggybank: even i ddin’t do anything

Piggybank: i waited for him in front of the club

Piggybank: he comes out

Piggybank: i hit him in his puss

Piggybank: nice line

Piggybank: imao

PlauZee: was it a hit-and-run?!

Piggybank: kind of^^

Piggybank: i think i hurt my ACL

Piggybank: but i’m still too drunken, to be sure

PlauZee: omg. can i blog that?!

Piggybank: sure^^

PlauZee: give me some cliffs […]

Piggybank: he was soooooo drunken

Piggybank: pissing me off, even i just wanted to walk by

Piggybank: really getting on my nerves

Piggybank: i just chill

Piggybank: he was kinda aggro

Piggybank: security

Piggybank: busting me

Piggybank: i’m out

Piggybank: waiting the whole time

Piggybank: with isildur

Piggybank: then duhamel showes up

Piggybank: i walk towards him an hit him directly in his face. security intervene

PlauZee: how sick is that?!

Piggybank: believe me

Piggybank: i’m peaceful

Piggybank: but that had to be

This isn’t Finger’s first “aggressive” reaction, considering this earlier story about an incident at the EPT London from PlauZee’s blog on the website

Martin Finger, “0Piggybank”, was blinded out of the 1k HU Event where he just made it into the money. The reason for it? He got arrested. The reason why he was is simply as well: Martin Finger was hungry, the restaurant was closed, so he just went in smashing the front door.

We drank a lot before together, but there wasn’t anyone with him when it happened. JackOrsen72 and me took him out of jail, cuz his 800£ pocket money weren’t enough to pay for the damage…

Duhamel has yet to chime in on the incident, but judging by his Twitter account he may not even recall the incident, as it appears there was a competition between Duhamel and PokerNews’ Kristy Arnett for the title of the “Drunkest Person in the Club”. This would make even more sense of the rumor that they crossed paths at the airport without incident is also true.

Needless to say, Martin Finger is fast becoming one of my favorite poker players, hopefully he doesn’t get himself banned from real money casinos. Can you imagine if he was on tour when players like Hevad Khan, Josh Schlein, and Eric Molina were acting the fool! Anyone who would break into a restaurant because they were drunk and hungry would likely have not suffered the type of behavior that was on display during the 2005-2007 years at the WSOP.

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2 Responses to “Martin Finger and Jonathan Duhamel fight at PCA party”

  1. James Guill says:

    Your favorite player is someone who likes to go sucker punch someone in the face? Nice…..

  2. Steve Ruddock says:

    Hey, I write about this sometimes-boring industry day-in and day-out! A guy who breaks into restaurants to make a sandwich and tears his acl running away after punching someone at least makes things interesting! Didn’t say I liked him as a person 🙂

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