Monday Headlines: Lock buying Cake, Negreanu crushed and more

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Poker News BoyWell, it was quite a weekend in the world of poker. More specifically it was quite a Sunday in the world of online poker, as Daniel Negreanu suffered a resounding loss in the first Limit Holdem Heads-Up Challenge on PokerStars, and later in the day rumors began swirling that Lock Poker was going to purchase the entire Cake Poker Network.

Making the news even harder to follow is the fact that the 2+2 poker forums are still down at this point in time. So with that and more on the plate, here is a look at all of the stories from the past weekend in poker.

Daniel Negreanu clobbered by “rUaBot” in $75,000 Heads-Up Limit Holdem Challenge

In the first Heads-up LIMIT Holdem challenge match on the site Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu was at the mercy of anonymous German Heads-up Limit Holdem specialist “rUaBot”. The German managed to take Daniel’s $75,000 in a matter of just 937 hands, leading to the following chat conversation at the end of the match:

KidPoker: gg

rUaBot: gg

rUaBot: sorry for the sick run

KidPoker: its ok just glad its over!

KidPoker: have never in my life played 2 tables HU LH and I never will again

rUaBot: big thanks for playing here

rUaBot: oh

KidPoker: good night

Lock Poker leaving Merge and purchasing the Cake Poker Network

The biggest news of the weekend was that Lock Poker would be leaving the Merge Gaming Network in June, and that the site has purchased the Cake Poker Network with the intention of rebranding the network, which will now be called the Revolution Gaming Network.

There is a lot to this story, and all the details are still somewhat unknown at this point, but here is a complete write-up of what we know so far: Lock Poker to buy Cake Poker Network relaunching as Revolution Gaming

2+2 Poker Forum still down

After being hacked at the end of April the 2+2 poker forum is still down at this point, and there is really no end in sight. So far the site has posted a handful of updates, but none have been very specific or offered anything more than a general timetable to when different parts of the site will be back online.

Sam Trickett leaving Titan Poker

One of the top players in poker will apparently be a free agent heading into the 2012 WSOP, as UK poker pro Sam Trickett announced that he was ending his year-long affiliation with Titan Poker this past week. The parting seems to be on good terms, but you can judge for yourself by reading our full report on the breakup HERE.

10 WSOP Questions op-ed

This weekend we posed 10 questions that remain unanswered heading into the 2012 WSOP. Check them out for yourself at the following links:

10 Questions heading into the 2012 WSOP Part 1

10 Questions heading into the 2012 WSOP Part 2

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